Jana Faour: Dancer and Silver Knight Nominee


Maria Fernandez

Faour, center, celebrates with her teammates after a successful Fall Frolics show.

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer

At Coral Gables Senior High, students are surrounded by countless opportunities to explore their interests and find their passions. Senior Jana Faour has done just that, finding her niche as part of an award-winning dance team and a candidate for the Miami Herald’s Silver Knight award.

Before beginning her time at Gables, Faour was advised by her older sister to make the best of her high school experience by joining clubs and getting involved in school activities. This advice motivated her to seek out new experiences, resulting in her holding leadership positions such as Gables Earth secretary, Student Council secretary and National Honor Society President.

“My sister graduated the year before I became a freshman and her advice to me was to join everything and figure it out along the way so that’s exactly what I did,” senior Jana Faour said.

Faour started her high school career by becoming a member of Gables Earth, where she was able to educate herself on environmental issues and pass that knowledge on to others. She soon obtained a leadership position within the club as the Gables Earth secretary. In her junior year, Faour joined the Gablettes Dance Team, which allowed her to express herself through dance and participate in public performances. After only a year on the team, she earned the position of Senior Officer.

“I joined Gablettes last year. I fell in love with the team and decided to run for an officer position at the end of the year because of that. This year, being Senior Officer has taught me lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life,” senior Jana Faour said.

Being on a team so rich in tradition and self-expression impacted Faour in many ways. Her involvement in the Gablettes created a family for Faour where she was able to work towards her passion and improve her skills. In addition to assisting her artistic advancements, the Gablettes provided Faour with a space to be herself and establish new friendships.

Coming from such a rigorous environment, Faour is no stranger to stress. Striving to help others in need of a safe space, she created Gables Vibe Check, curating a calming environment that allowed others to unwind and express themselves. Club meetings were held on the first Thursday of every month where attendees had discussions about relevant topics, such as body image issues and how to cope with stress.

Because of the club’s contribution to the community, Faour qualified for a Silver Knight nomination. After a series of interviews with a board of teachers, she was chosen as a finalist in the Dance and Music category. This opportunity has the potential to aid Faour in transitioning to higher education, awarding her with a $2000 scholarship.

Throughout her years at Gables, Faour’s constant involvement, willingness to try new things and tireless work ethic allowed her to make the most of what Gables has to offer. As far as her college decisions, she is choosing between Northwestern University, Emory University or Washington University in St. Louis. Regardless of the institution she commits to, she hopes to find an enriching environment filled with opportunities for service and research, like the one she has found at Gables.