Aurora Eclipse Candles: Ana Maestre’s Passion Project


Courtesy of Ana Maestre

Students at Ana Maestre’s Interact meeting showing off their newly made candles.

Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer

While athletics, music and journalism seem to be more common interests amongst students at Coral Gables Senior High who are still trying to define their future, for senior Ana Maestre, her passion takes the unique form of wax figures and essential oils.

Maestre’s candle-making journey began in the summer of 2021 while taking a business class with Miami Dade College. Her assignment was to create a project that would benefit the community and after researching aromatherapy, Aurora Eclipse Candles was born.

“Seeing how she learned how to make candles on YouTube and then made a business out of it and now we have at least 40 students at Gables that know how to make candles is just a very positive movement. I love it,” English teacher Ms. Depaola said.

With her business, Maestre strives to aid those with mental health issues, designing scents that help with anxiety, depression and insomnia. Using different oils and extracts such as lavender and peppermint, the senior has been able to run her business using all-natural materials, a difficult feat to accomplish.

Aside from helping others with her therapeutic scents, Maestre donates the profits from Aurora Eclipse Candles to the Chapman Partnership, an organization designed to help the homeless. Seeking to benefit families with her donations, Maestre also plans to give out candles as presents to those who are less fortunate.

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“I started going to events about homeless awareness and I found out that going to the streets to give money is not the way to help them,” senior Ana Maestre said.

Despite her success, being a full-time student while running a company can have its disadvantages. Throughout the summer, Maestre’s candles were sold in Brickell through her partnership with The Underline, an organization that strives to make use of the land below Miami’s Metrorail.

This partnership allowed her to sell candles in person with a stand for her MDC project, a set-up that garnered lots of attention. When the school year began, however, it put a halt on business.

“It was easier because I could promote it, people were walking and they saw the company so they came,” senior Ana Maestre said.

Although Aurora Eclipse Candles has been on hiatus, Maestre has been able to continue making candles through her Silver Knight Project, Find Your Aura. She has partnered with Gables’ Interact club, hosting meetings every Wednesday where she teaches those interested how to make candles. This has allowed her to keep doing what she loves as she prepares to expand her business going forward.

“I wanna keep doing candles, just focusing completely on candles because right now it’s on a break,” senior Ana Maestre said.

As Maestre continues to restock her inventory, she has plans to start an Etsy shop and continue helping others develop their passion. Hoping to add incense and jewelry to the shelves of Aurora Eclipse Candles, Maestre’s start-up has proved any Cavalier can create change.