Katherine Blanco Takes On Technology


Camila Ruiz

Blanco can usually be found in history teacher Mr. De Armas’s classroom, where she is given the opportunity to combine her love for technology and gaming.

Camila Ruiz, Staff Writer

As technology becomes ingrained in our everyday lives, there is increased emphasis on the youth learning to manage the digital world to lead the future. While some may struggle in adapting to new technological developments, a select few are apt at understanding and mastering these advances. Coral Gables Senior High senior Katherine Blanco is the latter.

Recently landing an internship with the City of Coral Gables Information Technology Department, Blanco finds herself putting her skills to use by working with a Geographic Information System. This software assists Blanco in managing, analyzing and mapping geographical data. In addition to this, she is currently learning how to work with ArcGIS, used for analysis and mapping, and TigerGraph, a graph database.

Ask around! Asking is the first step to everything, and someone is bound to have a friend or acquaintance that needs an intern. When I heard I got the job, I was really grateful for the opportunity and for having someone who knew I’d be perfect for it,

— senior Katherine Blanco

“I’m never more than five feet away from any piece of technology,” senior Katherine Blanco said.

Blanco was able to land her job in the IT department thanks to the referral of a friend who previously held the internship spot. The close connection to the department alongside her proficiency with technology allowed her to meet the internship requirements.

While she finds herself excelling in the realm of mechanics, there were some initial challenges Blanco had to overcome. For example, the unexpected learning curve took her by surprise. Despite her experience with machinery, there were many programs Blanco would not have had the opportunity to learn about or use if not for the internship.

With a lot of flexibility at play, Blanco is also given the chance to use the programs from work remotely. Even though she just recently began interacting with technology in a professional setting, the senior has already gained access to top-of-the-line systems.

Blanco sets an example for her fellow classmates as she manages to find the perfect balance between work and school by consistently reaching high academic levels throughout the day and preparing for her future career at night. On top of this, Blanco is the president of the Wizards Club and a member of the Tech and Audio Visual Crew at Gables.

“As her friend, I’m glad Katherine was able to land an internship doing what she loves: working with computers,” senior Gabriel Wagner said.

Preparing her for the world of computer science, Blanco’s internship has propelled her into her passion and prospective goal of becoming a Software Engineer. As the only woman in her office, she is also looking to break barriers in a male-dominated field. Looking towards her life after high school, Blanco’s internship is just the beginning of her future.