Who is Catching Cavs Sleeping? Tales of an Anonymous Account


Ingrid Moises

The @cghscaughtyousleeping account has amassed over 1,000 followers in only a few months, signaling its notoriety amongst students.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

Throughout the school year, students often fall victim to sleepless nights finishing up homework and studying for final exams. However, their lethargy does not usually go unnoticed the following day as some students take time in class to catch up on their Z’s.

While getting embarrassed after being called out by a teacher is the familiar response at Coral Gables Senior High when students are caught sleeping, in recent months, there has been a new way to expose Cavalier nappers across the school.

Posted on Nov. 29 during lunch, the student behind the account has intrigued followers by making it clear they are hiding in “plain sight.” (Ingrid Moises)

On Oct. 3, an anonymous student created an Instagram account that allows followers to send them pictures of people sleeping around campus. Currently at 1,300 followers on Instagram, @cghscaughtyousleeping has been the main source of Cavalier entertainment in recent weeks.

It has now become custom to snap a photo of any student who is sleeping in class, leaving tired eyes on edge about who is going to pull out their camera on them.

“I don’t really send pictures of my friends to the account but I have been posted before. A lot of us are tired at school and we sleep in class but now it is kind of scary because you know someone is going to take a picture of you,” senior Daniel Rodriguez said.

The nameless owner of the account has been the subject of conversation around Gables for quite some time, leaving students with no viable speculation of who they may be. One of the only suppositions that exist are that the student is an upperclassman. However, not even the knowledge of their academy has been revealed.

A compilation of students from different grade levels, the account often posts photos of students asleep in humorous locations such as the floor, bleachers and even on top of desks. (Ingrid Moises)

To keep students interested, the owner of the account often posts random photos of their location in the school, leaving followers uneasy about where the mystery blogger may be hiding.

The owner’s identity was supposed to be revealed after they reached 1,000 followers, but following the milestone, the account posted that the face reveal was postponed because of a “little issue.” The vague excuse has only added on to the wild goose chase.

“I think it is really cool that we don’t know who it is. This account has been going on for a very long time and the fact no one has any idea of who it could be is funny. I love sending pictures to the account of my friends,” junior Mariam Galdo said.

As students await the face reveal, other accounts inspired by the “caught you sleeping” trend have arisen. @cghsbees posts pictures of bees around campus disrupting the peace amongst students eating their lunch while other accounts such as @cghs.parking feature the worst parked cars at Gables. A twist on the original, @cghscaughtuawake showcases embarrassing pictures of students while they are awake.

With more than a third of the school following them, the account has garnered the attention of both students and teachers alike. Until the unidentified Instagrammer reveals themselves, pictures of snoozing students will continue to be a source of laughter for Cavaliers.