PTSA Fundraisers Partner with Local Restaurants


Andres Rodriguez

Beginning in October, the PTSA has been partnering with local restaurants in an effort to raise money for the school. Two dine-outs have been held so far, one at Chipotle and the other at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.

Andres Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The Parent Teacher Student Association plays an important role in maintaining and improving the high school experience for both students and faculty at Coral Gables Senior High. In doing so, the PTSA consistently tries to promote awareness and raise money for different projects and events related to Gables.

Prior to the 2021-2022 school year, the PTSA has experimented and brainstormed several ways to engage the Cavalier community while also gaining profit for the school. However, this year the PTSA incorporated a new type of fundraiser called a dine-out which not only raises money for Gables but also feeds students and families.

A dine-out is a type of fundraising event where schools partner with nearby restaurants and receive a percentage of their profit. Both parties make an agreement as to how much of the restaurant’s profit for a specific day is granted to the school based on the number of students who attend.
Beginning in October, the PTSA has been coordinating these fundraisers through different local restaurants, in efforts to attract fellow Cavaliers to participate.

I especially enjoyed the crispy cheese pizza and meatballs that Anthony’s had to offer. I really think these dine-outs are a good idea for the school and will benefit the PTSA in many ways,

— sophomore Emmanuel Lopez

“The goal for these dine-outs is to raise funds for the PTSA to continue supporting projects at the school. The dine-outs support the larger community and build school spirit when families get together at the different restaurants,” chair of the PTSA dine-out committee Carmen Santamaria said.

The first official PTSA dine-out took place on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Because of the restaurant’s close proximity to the school and popularity amongst students and supporters, the PTSA decided to partner with this Mexican fast-food chain.

Throughout the day, several Gables families and supporters came to grab something to eat at the restaurant. Thanks to their donations, the PTSA was able to accumulate 33% of Chipotle’s earnings for a total of $107.54.

“The food from Chipotle was really good. I think all the places that are going to be used for the dine-outs have good food and will help both the school and restaurants,” freshman Sebastian Lopez said.

Following a partnership with Chipotle, on Thursday, Nov. 4, the PTSA held a second dine-out at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. This time around the Gables PTSA received 20% of the pizzeria’s profit for the day and accumulated $206.19 from the restaurant.

With two dine-outs having taken place this far, the PTSA is looking forward to having several more of these events in the near future. As of yet, the PTSA has announced fundraisers that will be held at Shake Shack on Tuesday, Dec. 7, and Panera Bread on Friday, Jan. 14.

For more information on upcoming dine-outs, follow the Gables PTSA’s Instagram