Ms. Yanes: Support Personnel of the Year


Courtesy of Ms. Yanes

On Friday, Sept. 17, Ms. Yanes joined the varsity cheerleading team on their way to a football game in support of Gables.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

Every school year, selected staff members are awarded honors that highlight their devotion to their work at Coral Gables Senior High. As a paraprofessional, Ms. Yanes works in the Special Education department, assisting students and faculty in anything they might need throughout the school day.

Due to her numerous accomplishments at Gables over the past four years, Ms. Yanes was awarded the “Support Personnel of the Year” recognition for the 2021-2022 school year.

Yanes’ journey as a Cavalier has been a long and dedicated one, having been both a Little Cavalier as a child and a Gables alumnus. Describing Gables as a “loving, tight-knit and unique community”, she has felt the school grow on her and become her second home during her time working.

Returning to Gables was a decision primarily based on the fact that, when coming to work every day, Gables feels like home for a teacher. There was no second-guessing that the place Ms. Yanes wanted to work at was her alma mater, where she had grown up and was now watching others mature and find their way.

“I am honored to receive this award and recognition of my work. My passion for helping people started when I was a child, and my mother was my greatest influence. I try my best to positively contribute to Gables every single day and hope to make an impact on students’ lives,” Ms. Yanes said.

Coming back to Gables was a great choice because I love what I do every day and that is important when choosing a career. My coworkers are some of the best people, and that makes Gables feel even more like home,

— Ms. Yanes

Her position as a paraprofessional at Gables has allowed her to pursue her passions of helping people and creating a safe environment for students on campus.

In addition to what she does during school hours, Ms. Yanes also coaches the cheerleading team alongside Ms. Aridas and helps supervise the team every week at both football and basketball games.

“Ms. Yanes is such a great coach and she always pushes us to do our best in practice. She is one of the reasons we never give up,” junior Mariam Galdo said.

Through a nomination and voting process, the Support Personnel of the Year award is given to those who Gables staff members feel are the most helpful and supportive people throughout the school year. Faculty who work behind the scenes to make everyday run smoother for the student body and staff are spotlighted for their outstanding work.

Assisting in all facets of the school, Ms. Yanes is one of the many fundamental personnel in charge of fostering a spirited school environment.

Yanes finds her work at Gables to be a fulfilling experience because it gives her the chance to support a community she holds dear to her heart. She feels that the support she provides for others is always reciprocated and that this is what makes her job so special.

The road for Yanes at Gables is far from over as she hopes to continue her career positively influencing those around her on a day-to-day basis. Recognized for her hard work and devotion to the school, Ms. Yanes has illustrated that shaping Gables into a second home for others is what her true job as a Cavalier is.