Andrea Sosa: Amateur Cook to Professional Chef


Lenny Roque

Andrea Sosa’s passion for cooking has allowed her to earn the position as the only teen chef at Moxies.

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer

In the restaurant industry, becoming a chef usually takes time and experience that comes with age. For senior Andrea Sosa though, this does not seem to be the case. She recently garnered a job working behind the scenes and in the kitchen at Moxies, a casual restaurant located in Mary Brickell Village.

The youngest and the only female worker in the kitchen, Sosa has demonstrated that her skills as a chef are qualified enough for her to be working in a space dominated by adults. Her inspiration, Chef Gordon Ramsey, whom she looks up to because of his passion for managing his restaurants, has motivated her to excel and show off her skills even when she may feel intimidated by her more experienced counterparts.

Andrea Sosa pours milk into a pot in order to create the filling for a key lime pie she is preparing for her family. (Courtesy of Andrea Sosa)

Sosa first applied at Moxies because one of her friends who worked there told her to consider the position, due to her previous cooking abilities. What became advice from a friend turned into a passion for cooking that Sosa never knew she had.

“Even though we didn’t know each other super well, I remember her sitting behind me in AP Lang and asking me if I wanted a cookie. At first I thought she was kidding. She then pulled out a box of chocolate chip cookies from a container and gave me one. Andrea’s passion for cooking has always been evident,” senior Jasming Senel said.

The “1 LB Cheese Nachos”, which consists of a pound of cheese, pico de gallo and beef or chicken, is Sosa’s favorite dish to make as she often calls it her signature. (Courtesy of Andrea Sosa)

She first began as a prep cook where she learned how to properly utilize a knife and how to prepare food for orders. Since then, Sosa has thrived in the kitchen, especially with the help of her boss as they have been there to ensure she achieves her full potential.

“I love my job because it allows me to be creative and learn new things about culinary arts. There is also the added bonus of being able to eat great food whenever I want,” senior Andrea Sosa said.

As a chef, Sosa has been able to apply some skills she learned in her work environment to her life. Her organizational skills enable her

Sosa’s “worst enemy” the sushi stack is difficult to make because of its ingredients and display preparation. (Courtesy of Andrea Sosa)

to manage several orders and prepare them simultaneously. These same skills have helped her to manage her time with school since she takes advantage of every minute in order to accomplish her assignments and focus on her job without being overwhelmed.

“My advice to those who want to have a job as a chef is to be properly organized. Be organized on order times since they are fast, but you also must be efficient, meaning you must be prepared to multi-task,” senior Andrea Sosa said.

While Sosa enjoys her job as a chef, she wants to pursue her passion for cooking as a relaxing hobby rather than a career. With the skills she has learned during her job, Sosa plans on making meals and cooking for those she cares about. Although Sosa will eventually depart from her job as a chef, the kitchen will always hold a special place in her heart.