Daniel Fernandez Commits to the University of Miami


Daniel Fernandez

Senior Daniel Fernandez recently committed to the University of Miami, UM.

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

It is the time of year for seniors where big decisions are being made. After all the time and hard work they put into their future, seniors have reached the point where they get to decide where “home” will be for the next few years. Among those seniors is Daniel Fernandez who recently committed to the University of Miami.

Fernandez was also accepted into Florida International University, University of South Florida, Florida State University and more. However, none of the colleges had quite an appealing pre-medicine program as UM did.

I am looking forward to getting college experience and meeting people from all over the country.  

— senior Daniel Fernandez

While choosing which college to commit to, Fernandez took into account the cost and what programs each school offered. Between receiving a UM scholarship and the opportunity of having access to the pre-med program, the senior knew that UM was the university for him. He was also drawn to the college by its “school spirit and Cane pride.”

Fernandez is currently majoring in Health Sciences but has not yet chosen it as his major at UM. He does hope to go into the medical track with a STEM major.

Fernandez’s advice for juniors who will be going through the college application and selection process soon, is to take time for the Common App essay and supplements and to most importantly “trust the process” and know that everything will eventually work itself out.

“Even though I know it will be harsh, I am looking forward to the college selection process and finding the college that is right for me. While I am going to miss Gables and my home, I am excited for new adventures and environments that are to come,” junior Mia Calderon said.

Fernandez is excited to gain more experience and meet many new and interesting people at UM with who he will share his college experience.

There is no doubt that Fernandez will thrive at UM and even though he will soon join the Hurricane family, he will always and forever be a Cavalier and have a true spot at Coral Gables Senior High.