Rebeca Morejon’s Menagerie: 27 Pets and Counting


Rebeca Morejon

Junior Rebeca Morejon holding one of her 24 beloved cats, Khloe.

Providing constant comfort and consolation, pets are an integral part of many households. While every pet holds a special place in their family’s hearts, one Cavalier is a unique pet owner with many extra special pets. Junior Rebeca Morejon’s love for animals is clear as she has nearly 30 pets of many different species living happily in her home.

Morejon’s adorable Netherland dwarf bunny, Stitch. (Rebeca Morejon)

Morejon has one dog, a Yorkshire terrier, a Netherland dwarf bunny, a parrot and 24 cats at home to make a total of 27 pets. Her dog and bunny were intentional purchases and her parrot once belonged to her great grandmother, but Morejon and her parents took it in once her great grandmother no longer wanted it.

As for her 24 cats, while they were not entirely planned, Morejon loves them just the same. She and her mother routinely feed the stray cats in her neighborhood. Many of these abandoned and injured cats end up entering their home, and once they are welcomed into the family, they cannot bear to get rid of them. The most recent addition to Morejon’s family has been a family of cats: a mother and her five kittens. The kittens were still nursing when she took them in and after watching them grow up, she could not let them go.

Morejon’s parrot, Harley, posing in her cage. (Rebeca Morejon)

“Animals that live on the street struggle daily to find food and if there’s even something as little as bringing them food every night that helps them, I am more than happy to do it,” junior Rebeca Morejon said.

Her love for animals came from her mother, who also had a lot of pets at home when she was young and taught her to take care of animals in need. Morejon knows animals on the street have the daily difficulty of finding something to eat and she is more than happy to bring them food every night if it means making these animals’ lives easier. She has a history with animals; her first pet was a dog, but unfortunately she had to part with it when she moved to the United States. When it comes to taking care of her various animals, the task is not as daunting as it seems for someone like Morejon. Caring for animals comes easily to her as she is frequently making sure they are fed and their living spaces are always clean.

As for her future, Morejon is surprisingly not looking into pursuing an animal related career. Although she loves her pets, she does not think she could handle sick animals.

Morejon’s yorkie, Rosie, having a snack. (Rebeca Morejon)

Her advice to someone interested in welcoming animals as her into their home is to be prepared to spend plenty of resources on food and toys and do anything it takes to keep the pets happy. She describes the amount of money that goes toward food and vet bills and the responsibility needed to take care of a pet as the biggest challenge to having so many animals. In addition to the cost, plenty of patience is required when helping an animal from the street that is not used to living with humans and other animals adapt to a new home.

“I can’t exactly choose one pet and say they’re the most fun, they all play in different ways. They all have their unique personalities. I love hanging out with them, they make me happy. I could sit and play with them for hours. You never know what to expect,” junior Rebeca Morejon said.

Rebeca Morejon is an extraordinary pet owner. With her large assortment of animals of all different species and all the time, effort and love she puts into caring for all 27 of them, she certainly has a passion for animals.