The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


The student news site of Coral Gables Senior High School


While students can often be good companions in the classroom, most teachers prefer their furry friends at home.

Pets: A Teacher’s Best Friend

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer Jun 4, 2021

Every classroom has a teacher's pet, but sometimes forgotten are the real furry pets our teachers keep at home. Various teachers at Coral Gables Senior High are proud pet owners and look forward to the...

Naming animals are no easy task, but some of them miss the mark by a lot. Here are just a few of the names that make little to no sense.

Animal Names: Struggling with Creativity

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer Apr 18, 2021

The animal kingdom consists of billions of organisms with very interesting characteristics. With some being able to camouflage or some utilizing feces as a food source, each organism has a part to play...

Junior Rebeca Morejon holding one of her 24 beloved cats, Khloe.

Rebeca Morejon’s Menagerie: 27 Pets and Counting

Isabel Donner, Staff Writer Jan 23, 2021

Providing constant comfort and consolation, pets are an integral part of many households. While every pet holds a special place in their family’s hearts, one Cavalier is a unique pet owner with many...

PSA: Endangered Species

Kennedy Martin-Jones, CavsTV Staff Jan 1, 2021

Millions of animals die each year and for what? For our own personal gain, people will do anything to make money, even if the cost is killing an innocent elephant. Not only that, but climate change and...

Students taking a first-year course of an International Baccalaureate science were taken to Zoo Miami in order to complete their Group Four project which consisted of selecting an animal and creating a presentation on it.

IB Group 4: Allowing Students to Learn Beyond the Classroom

Natalie Abrahantes, Staff Writer Oct 20, 2019

This past Tuesday, Oct. 15, over 200 International Baccalaureate students and their teacher chaperones filled a total of five buses as they made their way to an exciting day at Zoo Miami to observe animals...

Animals should not be used as a form of entertainment!

Tiger At High School Prom – Cool or Cruel?

Chase Bagnall-Koger, Staff Writer May 18, 2018

Students attending Christopher Columbus High School’s "Welcome to the Jungle" themed prom were greeted with a surprise none of them could have predicted—a live tiger, pacing in its cage. Besides the...

CAF & DM @ Zoo Miami

CAF & DM @ Zoo Miami

Gabriella Torna, Photographer Feb 24, 2018

Nola is one of the last northern white rhinoceros in the world and currently resides in the San Diego Zoo.

Only Four Northern White Rhinos Remain

John Hiaasen, Staff Writer Oct 10, 2015

In Africa, thousands of rhinoceros are being hunted down all for the keratin horn that grows from their heads, which is often used for decoration and is sometimes believed to cure illness. One subspecies...

Northern White Rhino

Rhinos on the Road to Extinction

Cavan Wilson, Staff Writer Apr 20, 2015

The human race has become a powerful force as time has passed. We have made astounding achievements in our quest to become the dominant species on Earth. Unfortunately, as we struggled to make our life...

Zoologist, Ron Magill came to Gables to speak about his career in Zoology, and his adventures in travelling.

Pro Chat: Zoologist Ron Magill

Bhargavi Pochi, Opinion Editor Feb 6, 2015

On Jan. 13, world renowned zoologist Ron Magill came to Gables as a guest speaker for a pro chat. Mr. Magill spoke to students about his career at Zoo Miami and his experiences with wildlife. Ron Magill...

This healthy African Elephant calf is part of a critically endangered species that is hunted down for their valuable tusks.

Keep the Earth Diverse

Bhargavi Pochi, Staff Writer Aug 24, 2014

The Earth is home to billions of incredible organisms, ranging from massive mammals to creepy crawlers. Each year, thousands of new organisms are discovered around the world. However, 150-200 species go extinct in...

Exploring Zoo Miami

Exploring Zoo Miami

Saira Membreno, Vice President of Gables Live! Jul 5, 2012

Completely delivering on their purpose to expand the appreciation of wild life, the Zoo Miami is a fascinating overall experience to share with family and friends. One has the chance to see and meet a...

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