Arianna Peña: Posse Scholarship Winner


Arianna Peña

Arianna Peña was awarded the Posse Scholarship for her first choice school, Mount Holyoke.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

The Posse Foundation Scholarship grants many students the opportunity to go to prestigious colleges, debt-free. Arianna Peña is one of Gables’ Posse finalists that was granted the scholarship. She was matched with Mount Holyoke, her top choice. Excited for the next few years, Peña shares her story on the last stage of acceptance for Posse.

Q: What are you most excited about for college?

A: I think the real question is what am I not excited about. Mount Holyoke has a beautiful campus and has so much to offer in and out of the classroom. The courses all sound so cool and you can actually take classes at four other schools in the area. They also have a lot of fun traditions that I’m really excited to participate in. I’ve met 6 other girls who are in my Posse and they’re all so nice, supportive and funny; I cannot wait to go to school with them.

Q: What major are you planning on pursuing ? Do you plan on joining extracurriculars?

A: I plan on majoring in history and also the law, human rights, and public policy programs. I hope to be active in the school’s publication and any political activism clubs they have.

Q: How did you receive the news?

A: One of the Posse trainers, John, called me on the phone and said they needed to ask me a few more questions regarding the interview and to hop back on the Zoom meeting. I was in my pajamas and when I got onto the Zoom the president of the school was there along with the Dean of Admissions and some other admissions people. The Posse trainers were also there. They asked me what I was proud of and I told them how I was genuinely proud of being a Posse finalist for my dream school. It meant a lot for me because it was just proof that the doubts I had about myself weren’t true. Then they told me that I had another thing to be proud of, that I was going to Mount Holyoke and there were lots of screaming and tears.

Q: Do you have any specific reasons as to why you chose your major?

A: Well I’ve always loved history, it always came easy to me. but I didn’t consider actually doing it as a major until I took Ms. Landsea’s AP European History class in 10th grade. It was absolutely fascinating, and I thought it was genuinely fun. She really helped grow my love for history and, after taking her class, I knew I wanted to continue studying the subject.

Q: What are your plans after college?

A: I want to apply to law school and study human rights law, with the goal of working for the ACLU when I’m older, practicing in immigration rights. The work they do is fantastic, and they really help people, which is absolutely wonderful.

Peña has been given this amazing opportunity of which she is very grateful for. Thanks to her hard work and determination she can fulfill her dreams at her first-choice college! Peña is an example of another Cavalier embarking on great new adventures and achievements.