New School Year, New PTSA: Presenting the New PTSA Board Members

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

As we welcome the incoming freshmen and new students, Coral Gables Senior High is also giving a big welcome to the new Parent Teacher Student Association board members for the 2020-2021 school year. As members, they each have a different role in the PTSA, connection to the school and goals for the new school year. Nonetheless, they are all thrilled to make this school year as amazing and fun as possible despite the circumstances.

“By joining the PTSA I have not only been able to gain a lot of experience and help out my school, but I have had the pleasure of working with the amazing parents that are on the board. They are all very nice and welcome you into the PTSA with arms wide open,” sophomore Sofia Rodriguez said.

President Kristina Jackson’s favorite genre’s of music are Classic rock and R & B. (Ariana Alvarez)

President: Kristina Jackson

President Kristina Jackson has been working with the PTSA for two years. In this role, she is in charge of making sure everyone on the PSTA board is doing their job correctly and everything is running smoothly. By doing this, she is helping Gables create and grow programs that have earned distinctions such as the Safety Award, which the PTSA was recently awarded by the Florida PTA. Jackson’s son graduated with the class of 2020, and she has a daughter who is currently a Junior at Gables. Outside of the PTSA, Jackson enjoys gardening.

Vice President: Jackie Kellogg

Vice President Jackie Kellogg’s favorite type of food is Mexican. (Ariana Alvarez )

Former President and current Vice President, Jackie Kellogg, is entering her 7th year working with the PTSA. As Vice President, she runs and maintains the PTSA’s new online store and Reflections Arts Competition. Kellogg herself graduated from Gables with the class of ’86, and it is clear that attending Gables runs in the family. Her daughter, who was a Gablette, graduated class of ’16, her son was the captain of the soccer team and graduated in 2019 and her other son is currently a Senior here at Gables and is the Secretary of his Class’ Student Government. Outside the PTSA, Kellogg is a part of the Coral Gables Community Foundation Association. She is looking forward to navigating this crazy year, creating a manual for the Online Store and making Gables a more green and nature friendly school by receiving the Green Apple Designation through the Florida Department Of Environmental Protection.

Vice President Ana Santana has a pet cat named Bella, and loves her very much. (Ariana Alvarez)

Vice President Of Membership: Ana Santana

Ana Santana has been working with the PTSA for less than a year. As Vice President of Membership, her responsibilities include recruiting parents and students to become part of the PTSA as well as helping students reach their academic goals. Santana has a daughter who is currently a Senior here at Gables. As she recruits more and more people to join the PTSA, it means there are more helpful hands around that make supporting and providing for the students more efficient and effective. Outside the PTSA, she is a Sales Manager at Cosco Wholesale.


Treasurer Bill Beardslee’s favorite kind of food is Mexican food. (Ariana Alvarez)

Treasurer: Bill Beardslee

As Treasurer, Bill Beardslee works with the money aspect of supporting and providing for the students here at Gables. He manages the money that is spent on all the events that the PTSA puts together that help keep the students more informed and have an even better school year. This is Beardslee’s second year working with the PTSA. His son is currently a sophomore in the Academy of Finance. Beardslee is excited to help support all the students here at Gables and making the 2020-2021 school year an amazing one.

Recording Secretary Tracy Devine Guzmán adopted two sibling rescue puppies in 2017 with her family. (Ariana Alvarez)

Recording Secretary: Tracy Devine Guzman

Tracy Devine Guzman is the Recording Secretary, and this is her first year working with the PTSA. In this position, she is in charge of recording the minutes of PTSA meetings and attending/helping manage other PTSA and school events. Guzman has a daughter who is currently in her sophomore year in the International Baccalaureate Program. Outside of the PTSA, she is an associates professor at the University of Miami and is an advocate for environmental and animal rights. Guzman is looking forward to working with the rest of the PTSA Board Members, parents, teachers, staff and students to make the best out of the 2020-2021 school year.

Corresponding Secretary: Margaret Shippey

Corresponding Secretary Margaret Shippey has a rescue dog named Bailey. (Ariana Alvarez)

As Corresponding Secretary, Margaret Shippey is in charge of communicating through platforms like Constant Contact, Instagram and Remind to the PTSA parents, students and Gables families. She is currently entering her fifth of working with the PTSA. Her eldest daughter graduated with the class of ’19 as Treasurer of her Class Government and played for the Varsity Soccer team and her youngest daughter is currently a sophomore in the IB program. Outside the PTSA, Shippey works for Miami-Dade College in faculty development. She aims to keep Gables parents and students knowledgeable about important information regarding PTSA and school events.

“I recently joined the PTSA because I wanted to get involved with the school and all the parents were extremely nice and welcoming. It has been a great experience so far,” sophomore Grace Urbita said.

I hope to help promote new online uniform ordering process and to help Gables become a “green school” by gaining the Green Apple Designation through the Florida Department Of Environmental Protection.

— PTSA President Kristina Jackson

Despite the awkward situation we have started this year in, the PTSA Board is looking forward to working together to help support each and every student at Coral Gables High. For more information, make sure to follow them on Instagram @gableshighptsa.