Virtual Earth Week With Gables Earth


Brooke Dickler

Gables Earth members attending their monthly meeting prior to Earth Week.

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

The month of April is special to our planet Earth considering that on the 22nd we get to celebrate Earth Day. People all over the world come together to celebrate this special moment. On Earth Day, people usually celebrate by going out and picking up trash around their neighborhood, planting trees, or doing anything for the benefit of the Earth to demonstrate support for environmental protection. As expected, our very own Gables Earth had something very exciting in store for this week.

Ms. Kiely, the Gables Earth sponsor, worked very closely with her team, including her presidents Brooke Dickler and Bowen Murley, in order to make the earth week projects happen. Although their goal of preserving the Earth is constant, they make a special effort throughout Earth week to promote activities that are beneficial to the environment.

First, the team looks to figure out what specific activities they would like to promote and host throughout the week. Once they know what Earth week is going to consist of, they create posters that are put up all over the school that advertise the events and attempt to recruit students to join the club. However, this year’s Earth week looks a little different compared to previous ones due to COVID-19 imposing a barrier on human contact. Despite this change, Gables Earth continued to make this week a special one for our planet. On their Instagram, they posted at-home activities that anyone can participate in to be a part of Earth Week. Make sure to check out their Instagram page,, to see what you can do!

Brooke Dickler
Gables Earth getting together through a zoom call to talk about Earth Week.

“I think it is great and super important to celebrate Earth Week. It allows us to be reminded of how beautiful our planet is, and how important it is that we take care of it,” freshman Isabel Donner said.

Here are some of the activities that were planned: Mon. 20, 2020 was “Meatless Monday”, the goal was to stay away from eating meat. Tue. 21, 2020, was “Less Technology Tuesday”. They suggested that instead of playing video games or watching television, you could go for a walk outside or read a book. Wed. 22, 2020, was “Water Conservation Wednesday”. Instead of pouring out extra water from a bottle down a drain, maybe give it to a sad-looking plant. Finally, Fri. 24, 2020, was “Zero Waste Friday”. They promoted the use of waste, such as coffee grounds, as fertilizer instead of being tossed in the trash. Many students were able to participate in these tasks from the comfort of their homes.

Gables Earth is continuously doing planet-friendly activities and is always welcoming new members. Although it may seem difficult to fulfill duties out in society at a time like this, there are always opportunities to do something simple for your neighborhood like going for a walk with a trash bag and disposing of any waste. It is essential that we always remember to take good care of our Mother Earth since it is the only one we have.