Sofia Bronstein: Doing What She Does Best

Ariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

Here at Coral Gables Senior High, every student is achieving great things and reaching their goals, but sometimes they exceed the expectations made of them, as Sofia Bronstein – a current freshman – has done this year. Sofia Bronstein is currently an SIT, Staff Member in Training, for Camp Coleman. Camp Coleman is a camp for elementary school students in Atlanta where the children have plenty of fun, are given three nutritional meals a day, and have a great time bonding with their “brothers and sisters”. She is hoping to be able to meet all of her requirements this year so that she can be an official staff member and have an even bigger role in helping these children. As part of her requirements of being an SIT, she has to raise a minimum of $200, but through being creative and resourceful, Bronstein was able to raise up to $1,200 and she is still raising. Attendance to the camp costs about $500 per child but, due to Bronstein’s excellent fundraising skills, she was able to raise five times her original goal, and is now able to bring two children to camp with all expenses covered.

Camp Jenny is a program that brings 150 students from impoverished schools in Atlanta to Camp Coleman. However, not every child is able to attend Camp Jenny; they are supposed to be able to keep their grades up as well as carry a positive attitude and be on their best behavior.

“The goal for Camp Jenny is, hopefully, when they see what hard work gives them, that they will be encouraged to continue putting in effort in school,” freshman Sofia Bronstein said.

However, Bronstein did not just raise a great amount of money, but by doing so, she is going to be able to send two or even three kids to Camp Coleman and make their dreams come true. It does not stop there; Sofia Bronstein volunteers at the camp to ensure that each and every one of those kids, who worked hard for the past few years to be at the camp, have the times of their lives. Camp Coleman is not like any other camp. It is a place where kids can make new life long friendships, create unforgettable memories, and it is a place they can call home for a while. Bronstein has worked hard to be able to get these kids an amazing opportunity and there is no doubt that they will have an incredible experience and enjoy their time at Camp Coleman.

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It is really important to know that Camp Jenny is not just about giving the children a great time, it is also about showing them that when you put forth effort in school, good things do come out of it

— freshman Sofia Bronstein

In order to achieve her goals, Bronstein had some great help from her mother who works in fundraising. She also turned to social media, sending out many emails to her family members and friends and posting a lot about what she was doing, which rewarded her with a great turnout of donations.

“They form bonds with each other and counselors who will hopefully inspire them to excel,” freshman Sofia Bronstein said.

There is no doubt that Sofia Bronstein’s goal will put a smile on two or even three children’s faces, but her influence will be felt across the Cavalier community. If you would like to help her reach her new goal of $2000, then you can donate to her page.