Photographers of Our High School Years: The Cavaleon



The Cavaleon Yearbook took their annual staff picture on Dec.11 in the school gym for Club Picture Day.

Japheth Oyedepo, Staff Writer

The Coral Gables Senior High yearbook is a highly anticipated book, providing the student body with a montage of photos taken throughout the entirety of the school year. A definite must-own, the Cavaleon yearbook’s warranted anticipation is catalyzed by the excitement of seeing the memories of high school forever captured on a page, allowing students to be able to enjoy their most cherished memories well after high school.

The Cavaleon, both the name of the yearbook staff and of the yearbook they produce, creates an award-winning over 300-page yearbook every school year. Over time, Coral Gables Senior High’s Cavaleon has acquired the reputation of being gloriously unique from the cliche and cookie-cutter book filled with rows of expressionless teens staring at the camera sitting for a picture.  Instead, our yearbook includes individual and group pictures, along with features and sidebars about the student body that are made for the student body.

In the span of nine months, the Cavaleon team works their magic and creates a beautiful masterpiece that is the annual yearbook. The Cavaleon, like other publications at Gables, is primarily student-run with the help of their faculty supervisor, mathematics teacher and Communication, Arts, Film and Digital Media (CAF&DM) academy leader, Mrs. Zuniga.

Japheth Oyedepo
As the yearbook’s design is heavily dependent on online design platforms, much of the yearbook staff can be found working on their computers during their class time.

Mrs. Zuniga is impressed with the amount of recognition they have gotten and the quality of work the students continue to produce, and she is the first to acknowledge and share how the recent work of the Cavaleon has been used to set a standard across North America by the yearbook’s production company.

To make the yearbook the best it can be, the Cavaleon has multiple working roles, from staff writer to Editor-in-Chief.

Senior staff writer, Isabel Jaen, has several important responsibilities, including covering school events and interviewing members of the student body. On any given day, she is out asking questions to anyone in the school about a scholarly or worldly event. These events are usually sports-related because she personally is focused on the sports spreads of the yearbook. Her job on staff also involves going to the practices and games of Gables’s sports, while also taking note to highlight the athletes at school.

“What I find special [about the yearbook] is that there is something for everyone. In middle school, there is a common group picture of the teams and the students. However, I feel our yearbook highlights the culture of this school and of its students,” senior Isabel Jaen said.

In addition to staff writers, there are spread editors that cover school sports, news, and student life. The editors review the content provided by Cavaleon’s staff writers and help by putting together the book’s dazzling personality and design.

One of the most important roles within the staff is that of the managing editor, one that is currently being upheld by senior Juliana Bonavita. Bonavita’s role is unique because, unlike any other editor, she is in charge of  “the outside yearbook things”, handling the day to day in-class priorities such as grades, daily attendance, and submission of yearbook pages for competitions.

Pullquote Photo

It is basically the school’s bible. We do not just have pictures, we cover things like homecoming and student pets in our spreads

— senior Juliana Bonavita

Editor-in-Chief, senior Chris Brazda, oversees it all. His main responsibility is to ensure individual deadlines are met as well as collectively meeting the publishing deadline to send 60 pages of the book to the publishing company, a process that takes place several times throughout the school year. He also reviews and edits, if necessary, the writing that makes up the book, making sure it upholds the winning standard. In addition, one of Brazda’s jobs is to mold the incoming staff writers to be able to duplicate his efforts as one of them will eventually ascend to the throne belonging to the Editor-in-Chief. With all of these responsibilities, the Editor-in-Chief position seems like a strenuous and difficult office, but Brazda sure does handle it well.

The Cavaleon will always be known within the Cavalier community for its yearbooks that, year after year, continuously provide the student body with artwork that holds their high school memories, giving them the privilege to reminisce them at their pleasure. Through the Cavaleon, the amazing individuals and events that take place at Coral Gables Senior High will continue to live on in their pages, and Coral Gables Senior High is extremely grateful for the Cavaleon’s unparalleled efforts to make our yearbook the spectacle that it is.