Catch a Cav with Character: Caring


Ms. Driver

Senior Alex Yelamos stands with Mrs. D’Alamberte and Mrs. Camacho.

Miguel Lemus, Staff Writer

Every month, Coral Gables Senior High recognizes four students from each grade level for their outstanding and exemplary attitude, allowing them to stand out from the rest of the student body. However, this month the nominations were done a bit differently. These students acted above and beyond, and for the first time there were eight chosen individuals for the “Cav with Character” award. The Cavaliers  below have been recognized in the month of March for their sense of selflessness and, most importantly, their caring personalities.

Garde: 11

Ms. Driver
Junior Brian Lopez receiving his “Caring” certificate for the month of March.

Brian Lopez

Lopez was nominated due to his unrivaled passion for helping those around him, boasting a positive mindset that radiates off of him in the halls. To further his want to help those in need and educate students, Lopez became a member of the Health Information Project, or HIP. His dedication to the club allowed him to earn the title of Vice President for the 2019-2020 school year.  No matter the obstacles that may stand in his way, Lopez is always on task, bringing smiles to all those around him.

Junior Denise Cuevas receiving his “Caring” certificate for the month of March from Ms. Aridas.

Denise Cuevas

Junior Denise Cuevas has always been the type of person that is there for her friends no matter what. Cuevas constantly faces the day with a positive attitude. Not only does she try to look on the brighter side of troubling or stressing situations, but her positive attitude is certainly contagious.

Cuevas’s attitude has allowed her to shine not only in the classroom setting but in her extracurriculars as well. She received the ‘caring’ superlative for her dedication and kindness towards others in Gables Chorus.

“I love helping people and making people feel better. Personally, I am a positive person ever since I was little because I was raised to care about others. I always like asking how people are doing and I am genuinely interested to hear about how others are feeling,” junior Denise Cuevas said.


Grade 12

Alexander Yelamos

As a board member of Best Buddies, senior Alex Yelamos constantly revolves his time around students with disabilities. By doing so, his caring attitude has grown exponentially throughout his high school years.  Yelamos is never afraid to speak his mind. Although conscientious enough to know there may be those with opposing views, that has never stopped Yelamos for standing up for what he believes in. Due to his strong mindset and caring attitude, he has grown strong, resilient, and has become more understanding when it comes to considering perspectives that he may not agree with.

Senior Angelle Garcia receiving her “Caring” certificate for the month of March from Ms. Gonzalez.

Angelle Garcia

As the National Honor Society c0-president, senior Angelle Garcia constantly revolves her focus on bettering her community through hands-on service. The attribute of a caring personality resonates from the moment she walks into a room.

Garcia has been praised by her teachers for being a kind person not only to her peers but to them as well. She takes much pride in her extracurriculars, such as Highlights. As the News Editor of the school’s award-winning news magazine, she must collaborate with others on the team to produce the magazine. In doing so, she has learned how to balance opposing views and make the most of the benefits they each provide.

Camila Torres

Ms. Driver
Senior Camila Torres receiving her “Caring” certificate for the month of March from Ms. Stack.

Since senior Camila Torres was young she has revolved her life around her love for sports. Being part of a team dynamic has allowed her to learn that collaboration is key to creating a successful team. An instance of her caring personality has been demonstrated through her role in leading both the swim team and water polo teams at Gables.  When becoming part of a team, the probability of losing is always inevitable; due to this, Torres is always the first person to comfort the underclassmen who may not be used to a tough loss, giving them positive reinforcement and not let their spirits to die down.

Ms. Driver
Senior Kaylin Yudice receiving her “Caring” certificate for the month of March from Mr. Molina.

Kaylin Yudice

Senior Kaylin Yudice is always offering a helping hand when she sees someone in need. Being that she has an important leadership role on the Lady Cavalier Volleyball team, it has allowed her to change her mindset and be more empathetic when it comes to approaching her fellow teammates. As an International Baccalaureate program candidate, when she sees her peers stressed due to their extensive amount of school work and assignments, Yudice is known for lightening up the mood and the pep-talk she gives to cheer up her friends in time of stress.

Sadia Aguirregaviria

Ms. Driver
Senior Sadia Aguirregaviria receiving her “Caring” certificate for the month of March.

As a member of the  Health Information Program (HIP) senior Sadia Aguirregaviria constantly aims to educate her fellow peers and talk about social pressures and how to face them.

She has learned that some people may not be comfortable actively speaking about these pressures on a day to day basis. However, she has shown the initiative of starting these conversations and making them part of the social norm. Through HIP she has grown to be a caring individual, as it has taken much sympathy and sense of consideration to really understand the situations that some students may have experienced. Aguirregaviria is also a member of Interact and National Honor Society as she actively volunteers to further help her community and those around her.

Abigail Covil

Senior Abigail Covil is an active member of Best Buddies and makes an effort to play a significant role in helping out her fellow Best Buddy members. In whatever situation she finds herself in, Covil always tries to have a positive outlook. Coming from Haiti in 2010 and the poverty that much of her community faced, Covil has grown up to have a very sympathetic attitude to those around her. The struggles she witnessed and continues to see her country go through have allowed her to gain new perspectives and a caring attitude for those around her.

These Cavaliers are the type to always help those in need and, because of this, they have stood out among the student body. Their sense of compassion for others constantly radiates off of them as they try to make everyone feel included.  These students always strive to be cheerful but most importantly, they offer a support system for those in need.