Ana Wolfermann: Gables’ Soap Opera Actress

Ana Wolfermann

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

Ana Wolfermann, an International Baccalaureate (IB) sophomore at Gables, is formerly known as the Class of 2019’s secretary. However, outside of Gables’s perimeter, she is known for being on the big screen. Wolfermann is currently working on a series for Telemundo, which is one of the biggest television networks that celebrates Hispanic culture.

As many know, the IB program is rigorous and stresses the importance of responsibility. As Wolfermann finishes her sophomore year, she has learned how to balance her school, social, and work life. Although it has never been easy, she has found a way to make it all work. While Wolfermann is on set, she uses her laptop to complete her homework. In addition, Wolfermann’s ability to have good time management has been crucial for her success in school. While she is waiting  in between scenes or has a lunch break, she immediately takes out her laptop and gets started on the homework that has been assigned. The way Wolfermann has been able to juggle her school, social, and work life is by knowing when to make sacrifices and by having priorities. At times, Wolfermann is caught between hanging out with her friends or doing homework. However, she says she knows that school is always a priority.

Luckily for Wolfermann, she was blessed with a great memory. Her acting skill has made it easier for her to remember her lines. Usually, Wolfermann’s mother picks her up from school and takes her to the filming station. Throughout the car ride, Wolfermann studies her lines for the scenes she will be filming that day. Additionally, Wolfermann studies her character in order to deliver better performances. She looks at the character’s background story, personality, future, and what the character is currently struggling with. At first, Wolfermann struggled to cry during scenes but later learned what was essential to provoke the tears.

“It’s just like creating a little person that doesn’t exist inside of you. Obviously when I’m not acting, I have absolutely nothing to do with my character. Currently, my character is rebellious and gets into all sorts of crazy stuff and has a very complicated past- thankfully I haven’t had to deal with anything like that. I am nothing like my character, so it can be challenging but I love it,” sophomore Ana Wolfermann said.

Ana Wolfermann

Wolfermann got into acting when she was in seventh grade. One of her dad’s clients directed her towards an acting agency. She auditioned for her fist job with Telemundo and received her first role for Bajo el Mismo Cielo. Wolfermann has had the opportunity to work on some commercials, Eva la Trailera,  La Fan, and currently  Mariposa de Barrio. The role she is playing on Mariposa de Barrio is probably the biggest role she has had so far in her acting career. Wolfermann also did a performance called Los Locos Addams for a theater.

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Acting is the one thing I know I will never get tired of. The reason why I love it is because there’s always something different: a new challenge, a new character, and so much more. You are constantly learning while you are doing it. It teaches you so much. It helps you with your voice, your concentration, your memorization, and how to express yourself. I love being able to communicate messages and stories to people.

— sophomore Ana Wolfermann

Wolfermann will continue to balance school and acting. You can catch Wolfermann on TV soon again as soon as Mariposa de Barrio starts on Telemundo.