OB/GYN Visits for a Pro Chat


Michelle Fletcher via Instagram

Fletcher holding the first baby delivered in South Florida of 2015.

Sabrina Ochoa, Editor-in-Chief

Michelle Fletcher, a graduate of the Gables Class of 2005, visited on Jan. 6 to give students a new perspective on the life of an Obstetrician & Gynecologist (OBGYN).

Fletcher enjoyed her high school experience, being persistently involved in soccer, the International Baccalaureate academy and Student Activities. She was also active in badminton, volleyball, track and cross country. While looking back on the relationships she made at Gables, Fletcher realized that they were still an apparent part of her life.

“High school at Gables was a great experience overall; I enjoyed everything from my classes to my extracurricular activities. Gables felt like a family, and my coaches and teachers were always there for me,” Fletcher said.

According to Fletcher, one of the most drastic changes in college is the lack of “hands-on” activity in class. Her largest piece of advice for high school students would be to join multiple activities, believing that whatever they may be, they will help keep you focused.
“My involvement in all these activities [listed above] helped make me who I am today. It taught me the importance of time management and discipline,” Fletcher said.
After attending Gables, Fletcher became a student at Tulane University, until Hurricane Katrina hit. She returned to Miami and attended Florida International University (FIU) for her first two years of college. Moving to the University of South Florida (USF), Fletcher finished off her undergraduate studies there before going to the University of Miami (UM) for medical school. She is currently completing her residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital with UM, feeling that she has been able to achieve so much in her life by holding herself to such high expectations.
“I think that regardless of what your goals are and what you aspire to do – whether it’s to be a doctor or a fashion designer – the options are infinite and you can even create your own. Don’t let anyone set boundaries for you, set your goals high, and just do it. Find something that makes you happy and keeps pushing you to be great,” Fletcher said.
Fletcher has also experienced amazing things as an OBGYN at Jackson Memorial Hospital. For example, she was on call this New Year’s Eve and got the chance to deliver the first baby born in South Florida of 2015. Although the future is unwritten for Fletcher, she is excited for the opportunities that will come her way.
“I’m not sure what the next step is. And that’s exciting to me. There are many options when I finish my residency – from continuing training and specializing further in my field to going into private practice. I don’t know where I’ll end up yet, and that’s ok,” Fletcher said.
As a final piece of advice, Fletcher urges students to have fun in whatever they do by making great friends and learning as much as possible from everyone they meet. She believes that it’s ok for things not to make sense all the time, hoping that Gables students will learn that things tend to work themselves out if they work hard.