Juliana Balladares: Scoring Every Goal


Balladares works hard every day to improve her defensive skills

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

Juliana Balladares is a freshman in the International Baccalaureate program who is taking advantage of everything Gables has to offer by not only partaking in student government as Freshman Class Secretary but also participating in sports through Gables Varsity Soccer and several other clubs. Balladares manages to juggle all of these activities well.

Born in Miami, Juliana has been playing soccer since she was about 11 years old. She joined soccer because she needed something new to do and her friends encouraged her to play. She fell in love with the sport and has been playing it ever since. Balladares is a star defender for both Miami Premier Soccer and Gables varsity soccer. Her dedication to the sport has payed off considering the fact that she has won many tournaments the Disney Showcase, a tournament where teams from all over Florida compete, as well as other competitions.


This is not where it ends for Balladares. She is also part of the ninth grade Student Government and puts her skills to work as class secretary. She feels that being part of student council will open doors to many opportunities and will be an unforgettable experience. She is looking forward to taking responsibility and working alongside the other members of student council to plan events for the year.

“I really wanted to get involved in the school and I think that being part of student government was a good way to do that,” Balladares said.

Being an IB student and athlete can be very challenging for many. Balladares certainly has a lot on her plate, but she feels that she is heading in the right direction, considering her involvement in the school will help her in the long run.

“I’ve played with Juliana my whole life and I’ve seen her handle soccer and being an excellent student all by herself, so I have no doubt that she can do it,” freshman Brianna DelaOsa said.

 Although she is not completely sure where she would like to go to college, she is planning on pursuing a career in dermatology. She is considering University of Florida or Colorado University, but she is sure that wherever she ends up, she will be happy.

She plans on continuing playing soccer for as long as she can, and hopes to play college soccer, possibly on a scholarship. She is also planning on running all four years for a position in student government. Whether you see her busy in the activities room or rocking her #11 jersey out on the field, it is evident that Balladares is a very involved Cavalier working hard to excel in both her sport and her academic life.