The History of Mrs. Landsea


Raquel Braun (Highlights)

Mrs. Landsea is known for her bubbly personality and love for teaching.

Kelsy Pacheco, Sports Editor

Loved for her sarcastic jokes and caring personality, you can spot Mrs. Landsea on the third floor of the Ralph Moore Building. As the Advanced Placement European History (AP Euro) teacher, she makes sure each year that her students are more than ready for the exam. Alongside psychology teacher Mr. Nelson, Mrs.Landsea also organizes a yearly trip to Boston with selected students to participate in Harvard Model Congress. Also, by initiating a Gables Model United Nations team, Mrs. Landsea is currently making it possible for students who participated in the simulation in middle school to be able to continue it in their high school years.

After graduating from Palmetto High, Mrs. Landsea decided to study history and political science. Mrs. Landsea always knew that she wanted to teach, though she did consider a career in law. By the time her first daughter was born, she had gotten her master’s degree in education. She chose to teach European history because she took it in college and loved the course.

“Teaching is fun because I have such great students! I teach mostly IB sophomores and they are entertaining,” Mrs. Landsea said.

Being a teacher can be difficult, but being an AP reader also helps. Such task definitely serves as an advantage for Mrs. Landsea’s students. Knowing how the exam grading process works, she can help her students better their essays.

“Being a part of the process that creates the rubrics for the essays and grades that portion of the exam, I can bring back that knowledge to the classroom and to the writing component of the course,” Mrs. Landsea said.

Mrs. Landsea will also soon be starting a Model United Nations team at Gables – a project she is excited to be sponsoring. This will be the first year that Gables has a Model UN team. The stakes are high for the team; hopefully it will be as successful as other clubs at Gables. Another thing Mrs. Landsea does every year is the Harvard Model Congress in Boston, where students are able to visit Harvard and simulate a congressional conference. Many students go every year and enjoy the experience they get from it. On top of everything else she does, Mrs. Landsea is also the sponsor for one of the biggest clubs at Gables, National Honor Society.

With all the things Mrs. Landsea has on her plate, one might think that she is overwhelmed at times, but she is able to keep everything balanced and organized so that everything is able to run smoothly.