Mrs. DePaola Does It All


Hilda Delgado

Mrs. DePaola teaching her 12th grade class.

Hilda Delgado, Staff Writer

Usually, teachers are thought to have a boring life inside and outside of school. Mrs. DePaola, a teacher at Gables, has defeated this stereotype. As the Class of 2015 sponsor, Interact adviser and English teacher, Mrs. Depaola is very engaged in all that Gables has to offer. She has anything but a boring schedule on campus!

Mrs. DePaola inherited her passion for teaching from her mother. She loves interacting with her students, and despite the fact that she has a lot on her plate, she enjoys every minute of it.

“I just love working with my students and accomplishing goals with them. They are always coming up with new activities to work on and when we get them done, it’s a great feeling,” DePaola said.

Carrying out so many jobs also entitles many responsibilities. As for DePaola, her duties as the Class of 2015 sponsor are to organize their class trip, design and order their T-Shirts and organize treat days. Aside from this, DePaola is the sponsor of Interact, an immensely popular club at Gables. Interact is all about giving back to the community and helping out in any way they can whether it is by fundraising or by spreading breast cancer awareness. Being the Interact advisor is one of the things she cherishes the most at school.

“It is a great feeling! I get to work with some of the most amazing students doing the most humble jobs; all that is community service,” DePaola said.

Throughout her years of teaching, Mrs. DePaola has gathered countless unforgettable memories. She specifically recalls the time when staff and students formed a U.S.A. flag in a 9/11 memorial. To her, it was such an honorable thing for the school to do. Another one of her favorite events was Grad Night; it is a treat for her to watch the students indulge in such activities after working so hard on organizing it.

“Besides all these special events, I also love the teachers I have met while working here. They are very close to my heart and feel like family,” DePaola said.

Mrs. DePaola plays a very important role at Gables and has impacted many students throughout her career. Her future plans for Gables are not completely clear, but she wants to do as much as she can. She hopes to provide new scholarships for any Interact member to attain. The future is bright for Mrs. Depaola and she is determined to do whatever her students push and inspire her to do.