Straight from the Graduates


Jake Mekin

Members of the Class of 2013, including Carson Morris, Gabriella Gonzalez, and Jake Mekin, smile on the day of their graduation.

Ever wonder about life after Gables?  We checked in with several members of the Class of 2013 to see just what the college experience has been like for them.

Carson Morris is a freshman at Franklin and Marshall College, a small liberal arts college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Planning to major in biochemistry, Morris has found that the workload he has college is similar to the one he had at Gables. However, he was surprised at the amount of free time he had after classes; Morris said, “It took [him] a while until [he] was accustomed to the change.”

Many college-bound students are often worried living with others in a dorm, but Morris assured us that “living in a dorm is one of the most fun things about college.”  His advice to students for college is to manage time very wisely, as it is easy to forget to make time to study.  Although college is full of new and great experiences, Morris confesses, “The food is always the same, so it’s easy to get bored of it.” What Morris misses most about Gables is his friends, but he also wants to thank Mrs. Roman for helping him prepare for college and working to improve his writing.

Former Senior Class President Gabriella Gonzalez is currently enrolled at Florida State University. Gonzalez plans to study Psychology, Child Development, and Spanish, and hopes to work with mentally handicapped children. Gables prepared Gonzalez for college by helping her “understand the value of hard work and dedication,” as she put it.

What surprised Gonzalez most about college was the number of people who share her passion about their future careers. She agrees that dorm living is part of “the freshman experience,” and thinks that “every freshman should [live in a dorm].” As a word of caution for graduating seniors moving into dorms, Gonzalez warns, “Don’t take things you’re never going to use – it’ll just sit there collecting dust and taking up space.”

Jake Mekin is currently a student at Bentley University, a small private business school outside of Boston in a town called Waltham. Mekin is involved in the Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity and the Student Government Association, and has an interest in Finance.

Having gone through the IB program at Gables, Mekin came prepared to take on the next level of academic challenges that college posed. He described to us how “the different extracurricular activities [he] was involved in . . . all taught [him] the soft skills that are extremely necessary to be able to thrive in an environment where everybody does great academically.” Mekin enjoys living in a dorm, and shared with us that incoming freshmen should “make sure to be very motivated and focused academically during [their] freshman year.”

Each of these recently graduated alumni is currently attending schools from all across the nation, and is enjoying their own taste of college life. Although they’ve graduated and are doing well on their own, these members of the Class of 2013 always return to remember and cherish their Cavalier roots.