To Incoming Freshmen: High School Isn’t as Scary as it Seems


While the start of freshman year is always scary, incoming freshman students will soon realize that Gables will become their second home.

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

Unknown and puzzled faces roam around the hallways of Gables every year. Many students remember feelings of confusion during their first days of high school. Yes, it’s a scary place at first because it’s a new environment freshmen students have to get used to, however, once the students settle in they realize that it’s not as scary as it seems. To those who are incoming freshman students, it’s okay to feel lost during your first few weeks at Gables because it will suddenly feel like the home one day. With five academies at Gables and a myriad of extracurricular activities, freshman students are easily able to find a place where they feel like they belong. In fact, here’s what some current first-year high-schoolers have to say about their experiences so far:

My freshman year has been amazing. The main advice and probably the best I could give is to not procrastinate. If you do, you will have nights with very little to no sleep. Although the work isn’t overwhelming, it’s enough to keep you up and stress you out. You should definitely start your work early and do your very best because freshman year is a lot more important than you think.

— freshman Chris Bobadilla

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Remember to have fun! Your ninth grade year is going to be full of work, which will cause you to stress out a lot but don’t let it take over you. My freshman year started off with a lot of stress, which led to me being extremely overwhelmed but I quickly learned what worked best for me when it came to getting used to the new environment. If this happens to you too, don’t worry just try different ways of studying and do not procrastinate. Throughout the year, my friends and teachers helped me loosen up and enjoy most of my year. It has truly been a bumpy but awesome ride and I wouldn’t change anything about my freshman year.

— freshman Ginia Gonzales

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My experience during my first year of high school was something so wonderful. At first, I let the nerves get the best of me because I was so scared about starting this new chapter of my life. Little did I know that once I finally got familiar with the school, everything was going to become easier. I quickly made a lot of good friends and built a stable relationship with my teachers. If you do what you need to do, then you’ll have good grades and it won’t be that bad. Just remember that it’s okay to ask others for help, and the majority of the time everyone is willing to help you out.

— freshman Camila Ramirez

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My experience as a freshman at Gables was really fun and completely new for me. You get to experience different things and meet new people. In reality, it’s a bit tough getting used to a whole new “system” but overall it’s been a really good year.

— freshman Carolina Londono

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I would explain it as an adventure because freshman year was nothing like I have ever experienced before. I have had the opportunity to meet new teachers that have taught me a lot of new stuff that is beneficial to the real world. The advice I would give to incoming freshman students is that good grades are important because it’s your first year towards your big future and you wouldn’t want to ruin your chances of going to your dream school because of bad grades.

— freshman Luis Rizo


High school may seem like a scary new beginning but always remember that many generations before you were able to survive it. These four years are going to fly by and before you know it, you will be facing the college application process. The key to surviving high school is to just be yourself and find the place where you feel like you belong. As long as you study and do all of your work, you will be fine but always remember to take a fun break because high school can be stressful at times.