Minutiae by Emily


Emily Garcia

IB senior Emily Garcia represents her store by wearing one of her own chokers at Magic Kingdom.

Yeileny Lopez, Staff Writer

Emily Garcia is a senior in the International Baccalaureate program at Gables. Garcia owns an online boutique, Muntiae by Emily, where she sells handmade jewelry, apparel and fashion accessories. She was inspired to start her own business because she enjoys making things and seeing people wear her creations. Garcia received positive feedback on her products and decided to profit off her passion.

Garcia’s homepage for her website.

Garcia has faced several struggles while running her business. Although Gacia relishes making accessories, she has had to balance managing school, another job, and her own business all at the same time. Garcia has felt that time has been a restraint on being able to fully develop her shop. Also, there are a few times when an item she puts out does not successfully sell, which makes it more difficult to purchase new materials to create new merchandise. Garcia has to deal with every aspect relating to her business since she is the only one working behind scenes for the shop.

“Minutiae means everything to me. Having my own store is a dream come true; I hope it becomes everything I aspire it to be,” senior Emily Garcia said.

In Garcia’s eyes, Muntiae has surpassed her expectations. Not only is she passionate about what she is doing, but she is able to benefit from it financially. Garcia is excited to add a larger selection to her shop, which will happen very soon. She has so many visions in the works and can’t wait to put them out there for her customers. Garcia is a strong believer in the interactive customer service experience. She helps style her customers and help them make a selection for a gift. If you are interested in ordering from Muntiae, you can expect high-quality products since she makes most of the products by hand. Garcia focuses on the small details and assures impeccable quality.

“Minutiae has a lot of cute things at a reasonable price. There are some things I’m definitely eyeing,” sophomore Jazmin Gonzalez said.

Garcia’s family and friends have been extremely supportive of Emily and Muntiae. They have all advertised the store, which has helped a lot with sales. Garcia is extremely thankful for everyone who has supported her. If you are interested in purchasing an item from Muntiae, make sure to check out its website, shopminutiae.us, and Instagram, @shopminutiae.