Al: The Cavalier Announcer

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

As the crowds gather to watch any type of sports game here at Coral Gables Senior High, fellow Cavalier Al prepares to announce the game. He takes his spot and readies his microphone. Al has dedicated a good 20 years of his life to this job and enjoys it a lot.

Al announces just about every sport there is, including football, soccer, and baseball. Al has been a Cavalier for a long time and loves announcing all of the sports. As a matter of fact, he announced the first flag football game this Tuesday, Mar. 8th. He has a whopping 20 seasons of announcing sports under his belt here at Gables and enjoys it very much. One of the reasons he likes it is that announcing allows for a creativity that many schools do not have. His least favorite part of the job is when games overlap because it complicates everything.

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I like that my announcing allows some creativity. Most schools don’t allow for this luxury; we are one of the lucky few.

— Sports Commentator Al

Before coming to the Cavalier nation in the early 1990s, Al worked at Kinloch. He is now very proud to be a Cav and announce our sports. After a good day at work Al enjoys going home, watching TV and relaxing just like everybody else. Be that as it may, he is always ready for work. In his free time, Al likes going on “The Net” to prepare for the next game that he will present.

Al has certainly had a great time working at Gables. He is very enthusiastic to keep announcing all the games he does as it’s what he loves to do. Hopefully, Al will continue to announce Cavalier games for years to come.