Top Places to Study at in Miami

Melanie Ozuna, Staff Writer

When looking for a place to study, a student wants a place to finish homework, read a good book and focus on what needs to get done. Every student’s study habits and preferences are unique; some enjoy a place that serves food or has a wide variety of books, while others seek the calmness of the outdoors. Most importantly, students look for a calm spot where they can gather their thoughts. Thankfully, students can find many suitable sites in Miami that are quiet and have a positive atmosphere that encourages productivity. Here are a few of the top relaxed studying sites near you:

The University of Miami

The University of Miami provides an adequate space for students to study and work on class assignments. Students are granted the opportunity to work in a college setting, where they are treated as responsible, young adults. The atmosphere is one that allows for deep thinking and focus with little noise and distractions. The library’s extensive collection of books that cover a plethora of topics are thoroughly categorized for the student’s benefit. This way, students can easily access their books and use reliable sources for research. 

“The Richter Library gives me the chance to see what it would be like to learn in a college atmosphere. The mix of high schoolers, college students and professors makes me feel like I am a part of something big. I like to visit a place that allows me to study after school and review what I learned in class,” junior Daniel Fernandez said.

Barnes and Noble

Among all of the different subjects students are exposed to, books are always necessary. In the Barnes & Noble bookstore, students can have access to an unlimited array of books and a café with tables to work on. The quietness of the establishment permits students to focus on their readings and retain valuable information. 

“Barnes & Noble is a quiet place where I choose to catch up on my school work. I can perform research on different subjects due to the large variety of books they carry. It is the perfect place for me to host effective study sessions,” sophomore Allison Hidalgo said.

David T. Kennedy Park

The outdoors may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those that enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the outdoors might find a park a pleasant place to study. David T. Kennedy Park, not too far from school, is filled with green spaces and its proximity to the ocean allows there to always be a nice cooling breeze. Students can find a spot by a tree to study in complete tranquility or enjoy a frozen lemonade from AC’s Icees while reading at one of the picnic tables. Moreover, the park’s natural light permits students to feel calm and to remain focused. Students can experience the beauty of nature and listen to the soothing sounds of birds chirping and feel at peace, even when dealing with stressful assignments.

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When it comes to studying, I look for a place that is relatively calm and peaceful. Usually, it involves a quiet spot, allowing me a perfect place where I can think clearly. That way, I can focus on my homework assignments and get all of my work done.

— junior Andres Diaz

Finding a good place to study, significantly improves a student’s academics. After a seemingly long day at school, students can enjoy time with themselves and reflect on what they have learned in class, and they will surely feel less distracted in a comfortable spot and notice a profound difference in their scholarly performance. Once a student determines what is suitable for them, they can undoubtedly establish a consistent and effective study routine.