Club members focus on making Furoshiki gift wrapping out of old T-Shirts.

Gables Earth: Focusing on Students and Our Planet

Arianna Hoyos, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

The constant attention and rush that students' everyday lives require often make it difficult for them to focus on global issues that are affecting them directly. Among those issues, climate change, rising...

Gables Earth

Gables Earth

Alexis Carrasquillo, CavsTV Staff December 2, 2020

Gables Earth aims to spread environmental awareness through presentations, guest speakers, and events. Sponsored by Mrs. Kiely, the club has around 200+ members and interacts with many environmental organizations....

10 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

10 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

Ana Font, CavsTV Staff October 18, 2020

Now more than ever, we have to shift our focus to the health of our planet in order to preserve it for generations to come. Here are ten easy and practical ways you can make a positive impact on the planet...

As the world continues to battle COVID-19, climate change has not stopped and many are starting to suffer the consequences.

Extreme Conditions: the Climate Crisis in the United States

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer October 14, 2020

As the treacherous wildfires sweep through the western part of the United States and massive storms form all over the Atlantic Ocean, it is important to note that extreme weather is not normal and it is...

The Facts About Fast Fashion

The Facts About Fast Fashion

Hannah Fabing-Gonzalez, CavsTv Staff September 30, 2020

As fashion trends continue to take the fashion industry by storm, the issue of fast fashion becomes more prominent. Companies are beginning to lower their ethical standards just to make quick money. Continue...

To devote ourselves to the future, Gen Z should make a commitment to civic engagement.

Gen Z’s Duty: How to Be Civically Engaged

Abigail Felan, Staff Writer September 15, 2020

For many people, the word “politics” drives them to look the other way or say that they prefer to not get involved. In reality, politics should not be something people avoid. With everything occurring...

The proposals of having bike paths in Coral Gables has stirred controversy within the local community, upsetting several Coral Gables residents.

The City Beautiful Votes Against Bike Paths

Camryn Bagnall-Koger, Staff Writer February 6, 2020

Coral Gables is known as one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly cities in South Florida, and the latest proposal to the Alhambra Street project could help cut down on emissions from cars...

Your Christmas tree significantly affects the environment when they are being bought on a global level, so be sure to make the appropriate choice this holiday season.

The Impact of Your Christmas Tree on the Environment

Annabella Rivera, Staff Writer December 23, 2019

With Christmas coming up and the winter holidays being a time for excessive spending, do people ever stop to think about how their purchases affect the environment? Every wrapping paper roll and every...

Top Places to Study at in Miami

Melanie Ozuna, Staff Writer September 9, 2019

When looking for a place to study, a student wants a place to finish homework, read a good book and focus on what needs to get done. Every student's study habits and preferences are unique; some enjoy...

With daily sustainable efforts from humans, we can change our future for the better.

Climate Change Solutions Lie In The Hands Of Individuals

Ingrid Moises , Staff Writer September 8, 2019

Climate change has been one of the most significant global issues of today's day and age. Air pollution, water pollution, overuse of fossil fuels, deforestation, habitat and animal degradation are all...

There are many things you can do to help our Earth and its environment. The most minimal daily tasks can eventually add up to make a big difference. Dont let being a student stop you from helping our climate and living a greener life!

Being Greener as a Student

Annabella Rivera, Staff Writer September 2, 2019

In this day and age it is important to be educated on the impact we have on the environment. But, most people may already be aware of our ecological footprint and may be thinking, "what can I do to help?"...

Common health fads such as avocados and almond milk do more harm than good.

The Truth Behind the Health Craze

Emma Vela, highlights contributor March 22, 2019

For years, social media and other platforms have been glamorizing certain foods labeled as healthy, but have been ignoring the worsening negative effects that these fads have on the environment. These...

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