The Catch about “The Fallout”


Sofia Felan

The gut-wrenching tale has the potential to define this generation of coming-of-age cinema.

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

Directors: Megan Park

Release Date: January 27, 2022

Starring: Jenna Ortega (Vada) ; Maddie Ziegler (Mia) ; Julie Bowen (Patricia Cavell) ; John Ortiz (Carlos) ; Niles Fitch (Quinton) ; Will Ropp (Nick) ; Shailene Woodley (Anna)

Our Rating: A+

Home Box Office’s new hit movie “The Fallout” tells a tragic story that follows the aftermath of a school shooting and its repercussions on the life of the students who lived through it. Touching on how different individuals cope with grief, it authentically depicts the sad reality of trying to settle back into their old ways after the disaster. Not only does this movie spread awareness, but it does so in an insightful way.

“I think this movie is what a lot of people need to see. It’s thought provoking and emotional,” sophomore Mauricio Quesada said.

“The Fallout” masters the art of dialogue; not only is the chemistry between the characters phenomenal, leaving space for the relationships to legitimately grow, but the film also creates a relatable atmosphere. A life filled with nervous teenagers, crushes and defining adolescent moments, the film showcases what real teenagers do – both in a positive and negative light. Unlike many TV shows and movies that attempt to cater to Gen Z and fail, “The Fallout” does not mock teenagers. This can particularly be seen when the characters have conversations amongst themselves or message back and forth.I’m personally not into drama movies, but this one was different for me as I really enjoyed and found myself relating to something the characters would say,

I’m personally not into drama movies, but this one was different for me as I really enjoyed and found myself relating to something the characters would say,

— freshman Sebastian Quintanilla

“” freshman Sebastian Quintanilla said.

Apart from the dialogue, the movie’s glue is its stars. Hollywood’s new it girl, Jenna Ortega, is the film’s main character, Vada. The definition of range can be used to describe Ortega’s performance: from being the stereotypical laid back girl to a girl riddled with anxiety for the future, she is just trying to push through.

Although the topic is dark, the actors manage to bring their own charm that highlights the complexity of trauma. Famously known for her role on “Dance Moms”, Maddie Ziegler brings something new to the table: she has been receiving wide craze over this new venture in Hollywood. Ziegler alongside Ortega delivers a memorable performance unlike anything seen from her before.

Ultimately, parents and students alike fear that their school will be targeted by an act of violence. School shootings in America are typically talked about in the media in moderation, entering a never-ending cycle of fame when one happens and, shortly after, a period of stagnancy that changes nothing in gun regulation. This means that whenever news of a shooting comes out, people will storm their socials to advocate for better safety policies or more heavily enforced gun laws, however. After a while these conversations tend to fade out.

“The Fallout” deserves high praise for continuing these important conversations; the raw emotions and multiple character experiences shown makes it so that these problems are always on people’s minds.