Mukbang For Your Buck: A McDonald’s Review


Alan Morffi

Mix ‘N Match Hot ‘N Spicy McChicken and fries with a four piece Chicken McNuggets cost a total of $5.79.

Alan Morffi, Staff Writer

Our Rating: B+

For decades, fast food has been a staple of American culture. Part of what made fast food the sensation it is today is the price point; idolized for its quick and affordable filling meals, McDonald’s is perhaps the most popular fast food chain in the world. However, does its popularity match the taste?

Without a doubt, McDonald’s offers the best fries in the fast food industry. The perfect fast food fry, their staple potato dish has an immaculate combination of flavor, texture and saltiness. Other fast food chains can only dream of making fries as good as McDonald’s. Additionally, you can “mix & match” fries with another small entree and get a great price for both items. The fries were hot and offered a great taste with each fry, although everyone knows the fries at the bottom of the bag are always the best ones..

“They’re unlike any other fast food restaurants with their taste and especially when you accommodate them with sauces. However, the amount of salt they put onto the fries can be a bit much and excessive so getting a small size would be ideal,”senior Leo Lopez said.

The Cravings Menu is a great option for everyone. It is super affordable for everyone and is perfect for homeless people,

— senior Emilio Quaranta

Chicken McNuggets
On the “Cravings” menu you can get a four piece order of Chicken McNuggets. For less than two dollars ,you get a tasteful snack that can be dipped in McDonald’s signature sauces like barbeque sauce and Sweet ‘N Sour. This has been the signature nugget of the entire fast food industry and this time was no different. It was four pieces of crisp, warm and delicious chicken nuggets. It was the perfect bang for your buck meal, and if you prefer nuggets over a chicken sandwich, you can maybe even double up on Chicken McNugget orders and make it more filling.

Hot N’ Spicy McChicken
The second half of the mix & match deal, the Hot N’ Spicy sandwich, was the wildcard of all the items since both the McDonald’s fries and chicken nuggets have been tried-and-true menu items for years now. Recently added to the menu in Sep. 2020, the Hot N’ Spicy McChicken is a spicy chicken sandwich with lettuce and mayo. The chicken was definitely lacking crunch and flavor. Off the first bite you could just tell it was not a great chicken sandwich. If it was not for the large amount of mayonnaise, the sandwich would’ve been extremely dry. When you compare the likes of this sandwich to other fast food sandwiches like Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s, it simply does not compare.

“McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets will forever be a classic menu item. It’s simply an immaculate nugget. There is no other way to describe it,” senior Raymond Ozols said.

At the end of the day, McDonald’s is the most consistent quality fast food restaurant, there will never be an off day at McDonald’s. No matter the circumstances, it will always be top tier fast food. The nuggets and fries did not disappoint, while the chicken sandwich did. Overall, it was a good meal for a good price, but compared to other affordable dollar menus the McDonald’s Cravings menu costs too much for the serving size.