Firefly Lane: A Tale of Friendship


Alejandra Delano

The new Netflix Original Drama hit screens on Feb. 3, 2021.

Alejandra Dellano, Staff Writer

Release date: Feb. 3, 2021

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson, Jon-Micheal Ecker, Beau Garrett, Alissa Skovbye, Roan Curtis, Brandon Jay McLauren and Yael Yurman

Directors: Fred Gerber, Peter O’Fallon, Vanessa Parise, Lee Rose and Anne Wheeler.

MPAA rating: TV-MA

Our grade: B+

Firefly Lane” is a new Netflix original hit based on a novel written by Kristin Hannah. This drama series features best friends Kate and Tully throughout different stages of their lives, from the mid 60’s to early 2000’s. The viewers get to see their lives evolve through glimpses of them going through the ups and downs of friendship, love and heartbreak. Its storyline is heartwarmingly capturing yet keeps viewers on their feet with every plot twist.

The show’s adaptation has gotten some judgement for its exaggeration and inaccuracy to the book which is bound to happen when well-loved books become live action adaptations but the additions to the show make it all the more exciting and entertaining while still keeping the original charm of the novel.

Much like the novel, the show manages to touch on heavy topics while still maintaining its occasional comedic aspects. The main characters Tully and Kate couldn’t be more different: they come from different homes, both broken in their own way. Tully has to face a neglectful drug addict mother and Kate comes from a typical suburban family who has its own problems concealed behind their smiles.

Due to their polar opposite home lives, their personalities are very different as well; Kate is sweet and reserved but doesn’t like to speak up for herself while Tully tends to be more outgoing and charismatic, pushing Kate out of her comfort zone. This combination leads to a friendship that lasts over a 30 year time span. Their friendship isn’t always perfect; they go through conflicts that add tension to the plot but that vulnerability just makes the show all the more relatable. The chemistry between the cast members made the show feel more genuine.

“I watched this show with my family and the sound track was great as well as the acting.” freshman Nicolas Diaz said.

When watching the flashback scenes, the show’s creators layered a warmer color palette over the scenes to give it a more youthful and lively feel to the young girls coming of age. The little nuances like these color changes are what really pulled the show together so well.

“When watching this show I see parts of me and my befriends in it , it’s relatable and entertaining one of the new shows on Netflix I’ve liked.” freshman Aaliyah Arana said.

With its precise execution, this series has managed to perfectly incorporate a plethora of different eras into one show. In between the costume design, music choice and cinematography, “Firefly Lane” managed to articulate the unique charm of each decade. The show is authentic and features real life struggles along with an entertaining plot. Its 10 episode season makes it easy to breeze by and binge at home with family or friends.

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