The Next Best Ting: Workouts That Challenge Everyone


Ingrid Moises

Chloe Ting’s YouTube channel currently stands at 6.05 million subscribers, and counting due to her recent rising popularity.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

YouTube Channel: Chloe Ting

Our Rating: A+ 

Staying at home all day due to quarantine has challenged everyone’s mental and physical health. With the struggles of virtual school and work, people have become more open to trying new things they did not have the chance to do before, especially working out. With this recent interest in at home workouts, Chloe Tings, a youtube fitness guru, has taken over the lives of many. Through her YouTube channel and her website, she has given her followers different regimens that lead to physical success. Not only are these challenges free but they are programmed for users to take steps in the right direction in just 1-2 months.

Chloe Ting has been posting fitness videos on YouTube since 2016. She makes videos for weight loss, building abs, legs, glutes, arms—you name the muscle group, she has a workout for it. Alongside all of the workout videos, Ting also makes before and after videos and healthy diet tips for her followers. The before and after videos display impressive success stories and how far people go when they follow one of her programs. Her reactions are priceless and genuine. She makes sure her viewers know that if they work hard and follow through, they will see results.

“Watching the before and after videos really help see something you are working for. Ia m glad she makes them because without them I am sure most people would not just trust the process,” sophomore Ashley Cruz said.

Her videos are usually from 10-25 minutes long, so the short duration motivates her viewers to complete the videos on a consistent basis. Throughout her videos, Ting communicates with her viewers and gives phrases of encouragement. Her videos are very convenient in the sense that an exercise will last about 30-45 seconds, and then a 5-10 second rest time. This gives viewers a chance to catch their breath and also look forward to something, which makes them more likely to pull through in the harder portions. This method is effective because it also gets the muscles working in different ways because of the variety in exercises. The music incorporated in the videos is upbeat and fun to follow during the workout. Completing one Chloe Ting video can make a person feel productive with their body, promoting a healthy lifestyle during this time at home. After getting through a video, many viewers contemplate how they were able to complete it, but are happy they did.

“Going through a video is definitely hard, but I feel like she does many her videos easier to watch and she makes the time go by faster than expected. The progression bar she has on top is super encouraging when you’re towards the end cause you want to make it count,” senior Maria Orellana said.

Her rising popularity currently has her on 6.05  million subscribers. Her name has been widely mentioned on all social media platforms, such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. People share their love and stories with Ting’s programs through memes and videos, which makes her even more trendy and popular.Without the time crunch everyone had before quarantine, people are now able to give time into more physical activity everyday, and Ting has played a role in many people’s lives as they do that.

All in all, Chloe Tings programs are definitely something everyone should try. Pinpoint your goals and pick a program with her that will help you achieve them.It will definitely put your head and body up to a worthy challenge. If you have not already, subscribe to her channel on YouTube and trust the process.

Chloe Ting