Fixed Price, Fixpresso

Adriana Castro, Staff Writer

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Our Rating: A+

There is a new café in town, and it is to die for! With the start of stressful assignments and long work nights, many students on campus will be needing that sip of coffee in the morning for a kick of energy. The unbeatable prices at Fixpresso ($2 everything!) do not compromise the quality or value of the products. There is a variety of assortments from their signature Ice Coffee to delicious fresh-baked pastries.

The greatest variety of options on their menu is in the hot and cold beverages. The favorite hot beverage is the aesthetic-looking espresso, and their signature cold drink is the Ice Coffee. Just one sip of the espresso takes you into a creamy heaven and warms you right up, the perfect drink for a cold morning class. Their most popular drink, Ice Coffee, is an interesting take on the average cold beverages other cafés offer. It truly is frozen coffee and serves as the perfect refreshment for those who are looking for coffee on an extremely hot Miami day. Some of the other drinks offered include macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos and cold brew coffees. There are also options for those not fond of coffee including juices, teas and frozen lemonades.

“I always stop by before school to get my cup of coffee; I cannot go through the day without it. I am extremely glad that they opened up Fixpresso because it is much cheaper than Starbucks and just as delicious,” senior Lisvey Perez said.

For customers with a sweet tooth, Fixpresso has a diverse selection of pastries including croissants, muffins, banana bread, coffee cake and cinnamon buns. The chocolate croissant is toasted to perfection and has just the right amount of chocolate inside to leave you craving more. If you are looking for something even sweeter, look towards their famous brownies and chocolate chip cookies. There are even options for those who want healthier alternatives such as granola and energy bars!

“I have been trying to look for healthier snack alternatives, and Fixpresso has just what I was looking for! I will be going there very often throughout the year,” junior Sara Zamora said.

Last, but definitely not least, is their sandwich selection. They may be the best sandwiches available in any café in Miami. They have breakfast options such as the egg and ham breakfast sandwich and amazing bagels. There are also lunch selections including the ham or turkey sandwiches.

All in all, Fixpresso has an incredibly wide variety of meals to choose from at an extremely affordable price. The environment of the café is rather soothing and there is relaxing music playing that contributes to the futuristic theme of the place. If you are looking for a quick caffeine boost or to indulge in some sweets, Fixpresso is the place to go!