Learn Math From Professor Rob Bob

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

Mathematics is a challenging subject which most people have trouble with; many students have different methods to help solve this problem. Some might have a tutor while others may go to their teacher for help. Some times these solutions can be pricey or inconvenient, luckily there is a more practical remedy for this universal problem: educational YouTube videos.

Mr. Tarrou always has funky shirts during his lessons
Mr. Tarrou always has funky shirts on during his lessons.

“Educational videos on YouTube, particularly math videos, can really break down a topic. They show everything step by step and, because of that, clarify topics that students previously may not have understood. It’s like having a private tutor [in] the palm of your hand,” sophomore Yanik Ariste said.

Mr. Rob Tarrou (known as ProfRobBob) has been teaching high school for 19 years and has a Bachelors of Science in mathematics education. His YouTube channel offers videos that cover different levels of math ranging from Algebra I to Calculus and even AP Statistics.

Mr. Tarrou teaching segments, rays and distance on a number line
Mr. Tarrou teaching segments, rays and distance on a number line.

Unlike other math tutorials, Mr. Tarrou makes math entertaining. With his funky shirts and funny comments, he makes sure to keep the viewer engaged. Mr. Tarrou explains everything step by step which helps students understand their respective topic.

Mr. Tarrou has gotten a lot of a attention from different media sites as well. From coverage on the Huffington Post to NBC’s nightly news, feedback shows he leaves all his viewers satisfied with what they have learned. He even has a website where subscribers can find more videos and purchase merchandise.

Although it might be hard for students who aren’t visual learners, the best thing about the videos is that you can pause them at any time. Before Mr. Tarrou works out a problem, the viewer can pause the video and try to do it on their own and later continue the video to see if they got the answer correct or where they have made a mistake.

Don't hesitate to watch one of Prof Rob's videos for math help on all levels!
Don’t hesitate to watch one of Prof Rob’s videos for math help on all levels!

“Whenever I don’t understand a lesson in class, I just look it up on YouTube and it’s extremely helpful. It’s great to know that I can learn so much from home,” junior Sabryna Gonzalez said.

If you’re ever looking for free math help, YouTube is a great place to find different videos on a wide range of topics. Make sure to watch ProfRobBob’s YouTube videos next time you’re looking for some help in math.