Curing Your Meatless Munchies

Animals are friends, not food! If you are a vegetarian and struggle to come up with new ways to spice up your lunch, then here are some new vegetarian- friendly recipes thatll blow your mind.

Alexander Yagoda

Animals are friends, not food! If you are a vegetarian and struggle to come up with new ways to spice up your lunch, then here are some new vegetarian- friendly recipes that’ll blow your mind.

Lunches are hard, so in this handy-dandy guide, we will assist you in feeding yourself at school, especially when your lifestyle prohibits you from eating meat. This is, of course, referring to vegetarianism, the poor choice made by people to not eat any meat or fish. While we may disagree with vegetarianism and their belief that they are able to nourish both their minds and bodies through their practices, we are not here to judge, but rather aid them in their attempts to save the animals by eating meatless meals. Featured below are some fine selections of recipes that every vegetarian should incorporate into their everyday menu.

“Meat’s okay, but I mean, have you ever had no meat? Because that’s great,” junior David Delgado said.

Cruelty-Free Turkey Sandwiches

This simple sandwich is a staple in any respectable vegetarian’s diet and is surprisingly easy to make. It all begins with certified organic, non-GMO, artisanal, hand-crafted, stone milled multigrain gluten-free bread.  If this is not available to you, store-bought, ordinary white bread is fine. First, you take two slices of said bread and carefully place them on a plate. Toast the bread at medium heat. Once it finishes toasting, fill the sandwich with hydroponic-grown lettuce and vine-ripened tomatoes. Additional condiments are optional, but frankly unnecessary due to the bold flavors the lettuce brings to the mix.

Natalia Rodriguez
Don’t add any poultry in your sandwiches!!
Popeye’s Poppin’ Pastrami

Ever since people started curing meat and selling it at discounted prices at dinghy meat markets, pastrami has been a staple of deli cuisine. This succulent blend of meat, salt and spices is the main ingredient in dozens of specialty sandwiches, and can even be more delicious when paired with the right bread. The Popeye’s Poppin’ Pastrami takes the best of every world and smashes it together to make a delicious vegetarian delight. The first step in making this sandwich is to take two slices of bread and then carefully lay them down next to each other. Now take about a pound of spinach, Popeye’s signature snack, and drop it right onto one of your slices of bread. Finally, garnish with some olive oil, salt and vinegar before topping it with the other slice of bread. Voilá! You now have a healthy and vegetarian alternative to the traditional pastrami sandwich.

“As someone who used to be vegan, I can certify that this pastrami sandwich is technically vegetarian,” senior Isabella D’Ottone said.

Alexander Yagoda
Veggies are always better than meat, no matter how it may first look.

No-Meat Balls

When people talk about meatballs, those darn vegetarians usually reel at the very mention of those icky, slimy things that omnivores devour with such reckless abandon, popping two to three in their mouths at a time. However, we have crafted the perfect alternative for those who are not fond of eating the mashed remains of innocent cows. All you need are breadcrumbs, eggs and whatever kind of assorted seeds and shrubbery you enjoy – kale, zucchini and quinoa are highly recommended. The steps are simple: first, mix together all your shrubbery and mold it into a ball; second, dip the ball in the beaten eggs and then roll it around in breadcrumbs until fully coated; finally, pan fry the balls in olive oil for a couple minutes. Right as the balls turn a nice darker green, but before they get a chance to fall apart and wilt in the pan, scrape what you can into a Tupperware container and put it in the fridge, because now you have yourself some yummy lunch for the next day. For a nice Italian twist, serve on top of a bed of spaghetti smothered in fresh tomato basil marinara.

These recipes are proof that not eating meat can be just as delicious and simple as eating meat. If you or a loved one lead a vegetarian diet, don’t hesitate to try out these simple yet savory recipes for lunch and dinner.