Go Green! How to Include Vegetables in Your Diet

Ways to include vegetables in one's daily nutritious diet.

Adriana Castro, Staff Writer

February 16, 2019

Although the kid in us may not like it, including vegetables in our diet is extremely important. Vegetables have tons of nutrients and antioxidants which help you fight diseases and improves your health. This may not be an easy task as some of them do not have the most welcoming of flavors. For this...

Curing Your Meatless Munchies

Animals are friends, not food! If you are a vegetarian and struggle to come up with new ways to spice up your lunch, then here are some new vegetarian- friendly recipes that'll blow your mind.

Natalia Rodriguez and Alexander Yagoda

August 25, 2018

Lunches are hard, so in this handy-dandy guide, we will assist you in feeding yourself at school, especially when your lifestyle prohibits you from eating meat. This is, of course, referring to vegetarianism, the poor choice made by people to not eat any meat or fish. While we may disagree with vegetarianism...

Don’t Chew Your Food, Drink It!

Smoothies are available across the nation.

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

March 2, 2017

WARNING! Please be advised that the following smoothies, despite being advertised as "meal replacements," are no replacement for a full meal. Meal-replacement smoothies are often consumed by those enticed by low fat, low calorie and high nutrient foods, and those who are also trying to lose weigh...

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