Gables Publications Take on Journalism Week 2022


After a series of competitions, CavsTV was crowned victorious as Overall Winner for CAF&DM Field Day.

At Coral Gables Senior High, coverage around the clock is constantly offered to the student body. From the school’s news magazine by Highlights to the annual yearbook by the Cavaleon, journalism is at every corner of Gables. Throughout the second week of April, publications celebrated their passions through Journalism Week.

Writers began by decorating their hall with posters and banners, inviting all to interact with what has been put up. What Highlights calls a “Newseum” showcased their publication’s work throughout the years, from coverage on the 1956’s Homecoming Queen to 2020’s presidential election. Lighthearted polls were held by journalists during school hours, stressing the importance of the student body’s freedom of expression.

In a time when information is readily available on the Internet, but may not be truthful or accurate, it is important to have a journalist to share the real story,

— freshman Natalie Schwart

On Tuesday, journalists put their editing and interviewing skills away and challenged each other for CAF&DM Field Day, hosted by CavsTV and CavsConnect. Each publication marked their arrival carrying decorated banners and dressing in coordinated outfits.They created special cheers to chant during the events and competed in relays, games and rounds of Tug of War. Teams were asked to awaken their competitive spirits and carry their group through to victory; doing just that with black bandanas and painted faces, CavsTV surpassed the rest and won First Place Overall. Likewise, the Cavaleon was crowned ‘Most Spirited’.

“I loved seeing everyone’s spirit and their competitiveness through their creative posters, face paintings and hilarious smack talk,” junior Mercedes Deltoro said.

Throughout the week, the Cavaleon team brought Journalism Week to all at Gables through a photo booth. During First and Second Lunch, students gathered to take pictures with their friends and celebrate the school’s publications. With props and poses, students came together in the spirit of journalism.

Though these publications are predominantly student-run, the publications and their grand celebrations are made possible through the constant support of teachers and faculty across the school. During the last day of J-Week, Catharsis handed out donuts to show their appreciation. Teachers all around Gables support students through their journalistic endeavors and this sweet treat was an opportunity to return the favor.

“As someone who has come to learn and love through my four years in the Cavaleon, it’s important to celebrate J-Week as a way to honor the hard work we put into creating our publication,” senior Jasming Senel said.

Whilst bringing truth to light, journalism acts as an amplifier for all voices and serves as a source for human connection. From interviewing others, researching and photographing, journalists and their capabilities are highlighted during Journalism Week for the work put into sharing a story.

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  • CavsConnect making a grand and intimidating entrance to the Field Day with their hand-made poster.

  • Highlights pulls in tug-of-war with great force led by junior Ralph Sans.

  • The Cavaleon making a loud entrance with their poster and a war chant.

  • CavsTV, led by senior Lawrence Stampino-Strain races through the obstacle course.

  • The Cavaleon pulling with a great deal of effort in their match of tug-of-war.

  • CavsConnect members race to get the hula-hoop through their bodies while staying locked in arms.

  • CavsTV members focus before their match of tug-of-war.

  • The Cavaleon poses with their baton for the spirit award after showing the best spirit during the event.

  • Catharsis advisor Mr. Rodriguez does the limbo, sparking loads of cheers.