The Gablette Season Begins


Erika Diaz

The Gablettes pose for a photo where they performed for Miami Kids Magazine’s Back to school Event at Merrick Park.

Audrey Lezcano, Staff Writer

This summer, the Gablettes attended the varsity dance camps National Dance Alliance and Universal Dance Alliance to kick off the start of the year’s dancing season. Since then, they have also performed at their first show as part of a back-to-school event for students and Cavaliers.

During their summer camps, the Gablettes and other teams in attendance worked through long days of intense dancing; however, they were also able to participate in various activities and bonding experiences.

At NDA and UDA, dancers’ performance of team and individual routines is evaluated and designated a ribbon. A dancer can receive one of three color ribbons: blue, red, or white. These are given based on performance and memorization, with blue being the highest-scoring and white being the lowest.

This year, the team won their second technical excellence award in a row. Some Gablettes were even nominated for the All-American category: Paulina Texier, Katrina Carpintero, Alaina Villalonga, Victoria Krulig and Tamya Wallace. Of those nominated, both Captain Texier and Junior Officer Krulig were designated All-American team dancers.

“Camp is the best moment to bond with the team. We’re all delirious and exhausted but we’re also learning together. We’re at our most vulnerable with teammates we just met,” senior Paulina Texier said.

Two Gablettes also won the Top Gun award; Sarya Dany took home the award for the hip-hop category, and Krulig did the same for leaps and jumps. As for individual awards, Texier received silver for team leader performance along with the Heart of Gold award, and Dany received the Pin it Forward Leadership Award.

Following the camps, the team had their first performance of the season. They were invited to perform at Miami Kids Magazine’s Back to School event, which took place on Aug. 2. The Gablettes performed a routine that was a mix of jazz and kick, using the song “Marching On” by OneRepublic.

“The back-to-school performance marked the beginning of what I believe is going to be an amazing year for the Gablettes, I could not have been more excited to perform with my fellow teammates and show our pride as Gablettes,” junior Alaina Villalonga said.

The Gablettes performed their routine for the event in a grassy area in the center of the event held at Merrick Park. There, kids and their families watched as they performed their routine and applauded at the end of the well-rehearsed performance.

“Performing for kids magazine was an amazing experience. We had so much fun and really enjoyed the event,” sophomore Britneysue Villa said.

This event allowed children in the community to learn and have fun while being welcomed back to school. After a year and a half of virtual learning, these kids will be back for in-person learning. This celebration essentially provided a warm welcoming back to school not only for Gables students but also the school’s very own Gablettes team.

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  • During their time at NDA over the summer, Fun Day gave the dancers the chance to dress up in costumes. The Gablettes decided to dress as an airline crew, the first row is dressed as Pilots, the second as flight attendants and the third as tourists.

  • The Gablettes receive all blue ribbons, the highest possible honor, for all routines both for individuals and teams at the UDA camps.

  • The Gablettes pose with all the team and individual awards won at NDA over the summer, before the season officially begins in August.

  • The Gablettes stretch right before they go on to perform their routine for the Kids Magazine Back to School Event, their first event of the season where Superintendent Carvalho was in attendance ahead of the beginning of classes.