Class of 2022 Experiences their Class Ceremonies


Maria Fernanadez

IB seniors give juniors their pins and goodies at the student parking lot.

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer

After all of the obstacles the class of 2022 has had to face, juniors were finally able to experience both their International Baccalaureate pinning ceremony and their ring ceremony. Although this was not the traditional auditorium ceremony, it was just as special. Students had a semi-formal dress code and had to remain social distancing at all times.

IB Pinning

Junior Justin Morina receives his IB pin from an IBHS senior. (Maria Fernandez)

The IB pinning ceremony is an event where Cavaliers receive a pin to show official qualifications as an IB student at Coral Gables Senior High. To have made it this far in the program is seen as a significant achievement and is usually celebrated in the auditorium. Usually, IB juniors are pinned by the current IB seniors to show a passing down of experiences and responsibility to the soon-to-be seniors.

Mrs.Van Wyk and Mrs.Lezcano receiving IB juniors with Ib-themed decorations. (Maria Fernandez)

This year, students received their pins in their cars via a drive-thru. Students had to drive into the student parking lot on Riviera street, and drive by to receive their pins and goodies.

Once in the parking lot, students were greeted by IB seniors, Mrs.Van-Wyk and Mrs. Lezcano with IB-themed decorations. Those who came to the event received a box with their IB pin, a journal, an IB pen, an IB pop socket and a $5 Starbucks gift card.

“They did the best job at making it significant for us despite all the challenges COVID-19 has presented,” junior Abigail Colodner said.

Junior Ring

The class ring is an important thing that many people hold onto even years after they have graduated. This ring is inscribed with the name of the junior, the graduation year and decorations that the junior feels represent them the best. The act of receiving one is symbolic of their ascension to the upperclassman level and their development throughout their years in high school.

Juniors dressed in a semi-formal dress code when receiving their junior rings. (Maria Fernandez)

The junior ring ceremony was a bit different from the pinning ceremony. Students were able to exit their cars and enter the gymnasium to receive their ring and have their picture taken by a professional photographer from Herff Jones. Juniors were also able to take a picture with the traditional ring background that is used every year. This decorative background includes the last two numbers of the graduation year in balloons and a giant ring resembling a class ring.

Junior Melanie Estrada poses with her ring in front of the traditional ring background. (Maria Fernandez)

In the gym, students had to stand six feet apart but were able to remove their masks for the picture. After they took the picture, they had to put their masks back on and exit the gym through the opposite side they entered to avoid contact with others. The health and safety of students was as much a priority as the experience itself.

“Although it was not the usual, they did a great job at making it extra special for all of us,” junior Kylie Alvarez said.

Class of 2022 may not have been able to experience the usual ceremonial gathering, but were still able to experience their rite of passage as upperclassmen.