How To Get To Homecoming: Transportation Rules

Ketty Dones



The Donna E. Shalala Building where homecoming will be taking place is pictured above.

Ketty Dones, Staff Writer

For the first year ever, homecoming will be at the University of Miami’s Donna E. Shalala Center. Getting around a 200-acre campus can never be easy. For the best experience possible, we want to make sure all students can get to homecoming on time without a problem. The address of the Donna E. Shalala center is 1330 Miller Drive. Plugging in the address onto your GPS will take you straight to the ballroom, but there are some other transportation complications that this ballroom poses.

Parking At Homecoming

Driving yourself to homecoming is not recommended, due to the walking distance from garage to ballroom. If you are planning on driving to homecoming, be aware that the only place you can park is the Pavia Garage inside UM. To get to the Pavia garage, you will have to go through the main entrance of the University of Miami on Ponce De Leon Blvd. You will see a security checkpoint at the main entrance. As you continue straight, you will take your first left onto Levante Ave. After 500 feet, you will face your first stop sign. Make a right at the stop sign onto Pavia Street. Once you are on Pavia Street, the Pavia Garage will be to your left. The address to the Pavia garage is 5615 Pavia Street. When you enter the Pavia Garage, there will be another security checkpoint.

Student Activities
Getting to this year’s homecoming venue at the University of Miami’s Donna E. Shalala Student Center requires a drive to the Pavia Parking Garage, followed by a walk to the student center on the main campus

Be sure not to leave any valuable items inside your car. Parking is not free anywhere on campus. Make sure to have the “PayByPhone” app downloaded on your phone to pay for parking at the Pavia garage. The code to input into the parking app is 330209. Prior to payment, you will need to link a debit or credit card to the parking app. Parking time will be limited, so pay attention to the expiration time and update your parking to avoid receiving a $50.00 ticket.

After parking and paying, prepare yourselves for a long walk. To get to the ballroom, you will take a left out of the garage. Follow the construction path, which will lead you University Drive. Once you locate the Student Center to your left, make sure to walk between the student center and the UM Campus Store towards the food court. After that, continue to walk straight through the food court to your right and the pool to the left. The ballroom is right in front of the lake. As soon as you enter the Donna E. Shalala center, you will be presented with a large staircase in the center of the building. You can take the stairs or elevator to find the ballrooms on the third floor. When you are finally at the third floor, you can find the ballroom to your right.

Homecoming Drop-Off

Drop-off is highly suggested for this event. The drop-off location is closer to the ballroom than the parking garage. If you plan on getting dropped off by Uber or a parent, you will have a different designated drop off areas. Do not go through the main entrance. The exact drop-off address you will input into maps is 1330 Miller Drive. To get dropped off near the ballroom, you will need to find Pizano Avenue, which runs alongside Doctors Hospital. At the first stop sign after passing the hospital, turn left onto Campo Sano Avenue.

Continue straight until the first roundabout, get off on the third exit continuing onto San Amaro Drive. San  Amaro Drive will lead you to a second roundabout; take the 3rd exit allowing you to enter the University of Miami through the Miller entrance. Once you have reached the Miller entrance, make the first left, turning right at the upcoming stop sign. Continue straight from there and the Donna E. Shalala Center will be to your right. The designation drop-off will be along that street of Miller Drive. When you get dropped off you will walk down the pathway and follow the building all the way down to the glass doors on your right. The glass building is the Donna E. Shalala. Once you walk into the bottom floor, make sure to get to the third floor to find the homecoming ballroom.

Attached, there is a visual representation on how to get to homecoming correctly to avoid any confusion. Stay tuned for further information on what to expect the night of homecoming.