The Class of 2023 Enjoys Freshman Orientation


Melanie Estrada

The 2023 class listens as Principal Costa gives his remarks.

On Wednesday, June 5, the orientation for the incoming freshmen was held. The Gables graduating class of 2023 was welcomed by the student activities team, the Gablettes, and several of the school administrators. As the students arrived, they picked up their course verification sheets, which showed the freshmen what classes they were placed in for the upcoming school year. They then had the option to enter the gym to purchase their uniform polos, as well as other Gables gear sold by the PTSA, until it was time for a presentation for all academies in the auditorium.

Maia Berthier
Students waiting for the orientation to begin.

While primarily serving as an informational event, the orientation featured several of Gables’s outstanding students, clubs and organizations, and staff members.The night began with a memorable flag-bearing by several members of the the Gables Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) squad, who hold the flags during the Pledge of Allegiance at many school events and festivities. Afterwards, the International Baccalaureate Honor Society’s (IBHS) president, Jesse Zambrano, recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and Mr. Costa, as well as several other administrators, spoke in hopes of inspiring the upcoming class. The cheerleading team would follow and perform one of their iconic cheers as the Gables band played music for them. After a stunning performance, the band played for the entire class of 2023 and their relatives. Rodney Michel, a rising senior, would follow and address the future freshmen, advising them to branch out and get involved as he did for the best high school experience possible.

“The orientation at Gables was very informative and helpful. I’m very excited to be going there for high school, especially with all the great opportunities that are given to us to have the best and most productive four years,” rising freshman Johanna Medina said.

Costa spoke about the many ways to get involved in extracurriculars throughout Gables, such as being in Activities, Gablettes, or even a publication. He thanked Ms. Suarez, the head of Student Activities, for making the event possible, and he also mentioned the many accolades that the graduating class of 2019 received. Later on, the students were divided into their academies: the International Baccalaureate program stayed in the gym, while the others were divided into classes around the school where they described their individual program, requirements, and dismissal.

“I didn’t know what to expect from my first Gables experience, but overall I enjoyed the presentations and seeing what the school has to offer. I love the whole idea of becoming involved in school, as many of the presenters suggested, and I can’t wait to start at Gables,” rising freshman Alexis Gonzalez said.

This orientation for the class of 2023 encouraged incoming freshmen to develop ideas for their future endeavors as a Cavalier, and what is yet to come from their high school experience. Through this event, they learned that being as involved as possible only makes their ride much more memorable.