Improvocative’s Final Showcase!

Van Galex, the president of Improv Troupe at the show!

Emily Kay

Van Galex, the president of Improv Troupe at the show!

Jefrany D'catry, Staff Writer

Coral Gables Senior High’s Improv Troupe, Improvocative, held their final show of the year on April 17. Throughout the year, they met in the Little Theatre on Tuesdays after school until 4:00 pm. The students in the club worked hard and practiced consistently in order to improve their skills. Van Galex, the Improv president, hosted the show alongside members Diana Lopez and Samantha Correa.

The show started off with a warm-up game called “Bus Stop”. Two actors are involved: one acts normal while the other was meant to act crazy. The actor playing the crazy character must make the normal actor uncomfortable and force them to leave. The crazy actor then becomes the normal one and the game continues with a new actor. In the show, this game was played by Tatiana Batista, Erick Diaz, Ivan Cajina, Sam Correa, Marissa Gagliano, Katerina Valdes, Camila Aitken, Jay Busteed and Daniella Parra Del Riego. In one of them, the ‘crazy’ actor incorporated an astrological aspect which caused laughter amongst the audience.

It was followed by Forward-Reverse, a scene in which two actors are told to either forward or reverse their actions throughout. Juniors Makayla Bell and Erick Diaz did a scene, per an audience suggestion, in which KFC was on fire.

The next game, Emotional Rollercoaster, was performed by two actors.  These demonstrated different emotions throughout the same scene. Raquel Dwight and Estefany Busto, two of the students involved,  performed a comical scene set in Cuba that caused an eruption of laughter from the audience.

Numbers, a scene performed by three actors in which the audience chooses three numbers, followed. Each number is assigned to one of the actors and it determines the number of words they are allowed to speak in the scene.

Countless other games such as Raise the Stakes, Sound Effects, and Alphabet followed.

“As an audience member, I enjoyed watching the whole Improv show and was laughing non-stop. Next year, I hope to watch all of their shows and support my friends,” junior Emma Garcia said.

The final game played was Party Quarks, in which one actor played the ‘host’ while the rest acted as guests. The guests were assigned characters by the audience while the host was outside the room. The party host had to guess who was who while having a conversation with the ‘guests’. This scene created tension amongst the audience, as they all intently watched in hopes that the ‘host’ would guess correctly.

“In Final Showcase, what I enjoyed the most was being able to see all the hard work that my improv troupe had put in and seeing it fully come to life,” junior Van Galex said.

The final game, Beasty Raps, concluded the show ae the audience clapped as members took bows on stage. Improvocative will be back next year with more shows for those who were unable to attend. Their shows are ones you do not want to miss!