Kavanaugh and Ford Testify Before the Senate



Ford testifies before the United States Senate.

Chase Bagnall-Koger, News Editor

After weeks of anticipation, Thursday, Sept. 27 brought forth two emotionally charged testimonies to determine the future of the United States Supreme Court. With millions of eyes on them, nominee Brett Kavanaugh vigorously defended himself from probes into his past and allegations of sexual assault while his accuser, Blasey Ford, recounted the attack with remarkable clarity.

Their testimonies were in complete opposition. Where Ford recalled in vivid detail being sexually assaulted and nearly raped at a high school party in the 1980s, Kavanaugh testified that they were not in the same room during that time.

Kavanaugh’s vehement denials of the incident led to further examinations into his lifestyle and habits throughout his high school and early adulthood years. The nominee distanced himself from allegations of his behavior during his “partying” days, at times becoming emotional.

Ford remained extraordinary calm and collected throughout the ordeal. However, after over two decades she was unable to recall some key details, such as the address of the party and her methods of transportation to and from the location.

“I do not think the witness was credible. I find it very convenient that Kavanaugh has been in the news multiple times and has been on president Trump’s list for the Supreme Court for a while, but the allegations only come out now,” sophomore Lucas Farinazo said.

Contrarily, Ford’s testimony has gained unprecedented support from movements such as #MeToo which give a voice to survivors of sexual assault. Some feel that it was unfair that the burden of truth fell on Dr. Ford to prove herself instead of on Kavanaugh to cement his innocence.

“I think the witness was held to different standards than the accused was,” sophomore Malika McKenney said.

These testimonies call the possibility of an FBI investigation into question. Though Kavanaugh refused to say if he would ask the FBI to investigate, the future of the Supreme court may depend on the how credible Ford’s testimony proves to be.

The senate has since confirmed Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. This confirmation will set a conservative majority on the bench.

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