Gables’s Brightest Receive Awards!

Students at Coral Gables Senior High got recognized for their extraordinary achievements on the morning of April 21. All students were recognized for their excellent academic record and their leadership skills on campus and in the community.

Contrary to previous years, the 2017 award ceremony was hosted in the morning in order to save time and increase the number of recipients coming to the event. The seats in the auditorium filled up at around 8:oo a.m. with proud parents and eager students. The Masters of Ceremonies of the night, seniors Jake Paz and Sabrina Fiske, began the ceremony with a lively introduction.

“It was very nice to see everyone being recognized for all their hard work throughout the year. It was well coordinated and most of us were happy that it ended on a beautiful note,” sophomore Angelle Garcia said.

The departmental awards were the first awards presented, with most of the recipients being seniors. After about 20 departmental awards, outstanding freshmen received their first award in their high school career. Such feat was accomplished by only 6 freshmen in the Class of 2020 class. Sophomores later received their awards with pride, as for some it became their second. Juniors were then presented with book awards from prestigious universities across the U.S.

“Although it required a lot of work beforehand and backstage, it was great to see it materialize into a successful event,” senior Sofia Salvatore said.

Senior awards were the last of the morning. Executive Director of the Coral Gables Community Foundation, Mary Snow, and various board members arrived to grant 13 seniors with scholarship awards to use for their college education.