From a Lost Phone to VIP Coachella Tickets: The Story of Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner and Torian Bellisario coming together after Wagners unforgettable weekend.

Instagram (@versace_tamagotchi)

Jack Wagner and Torian Bellisario coming together after Wagner’s unforgettable weekend.

Kelsy Pacheco, Staff Writer

Actress Troian Bellisario gave one stranger the weekend of his life. The Pretty Little Liars actress left her bag at Griffith Park in Los Angeles with her phone and all her belongings. Come Jack Wagner, a random civilian, finds her phone and tries to return it. After texting a couple people in her contacts and posting a picture on her Instagram, Wagner eventually returns Bellisario’s belongings and gets the “thank you” of a lifetime.

“If I were to have that chance I would do all of it, like my reaction would be like wow this isn’t happening right now. It would be something completely out of this world,” junior Sigurd Ozols said.

The epic weekend of Jack Wagner started out with the post that he put on Bellisario’s Instagram, asking if she was around to pick up her bag. After noticing the Instagram outcry, Bellisario borrowed a friend’s phone and posted a picture apologizing to her followers about the previous post. Once she was able to get in touch with Wagner and assure that her phone was safe, he went out on a limb and asked her for a favor. As he was on his way to Coachella, he noticed that in her bag she had all access wristbands and asked if he could have one. Bellisario agreed and Wagner got ready for an unforgettable night.

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Wagner did everything possible and took advantage of those wristbands, from going on stage with Skrillex to partying with Zedd, Wagner was able to do it all and took over Bellisario’s snapchat so that her fans could join him on his adventure. But as the morning came and Wagner woke up at Skrillex’s house, Bellasario and Wagner found a time to meet up to return her belongings. At the end of the night, Wagner gave back the phone and ended up watching the season premiere of Game of Thrones with Bellasario.

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“If that were to happen to me I feel like I wouldn’t do anything nearly as cool as this guy did. I wish I lost my phone and a celebrity picked it up, now that could be pretty cool,” sophomore Melanie Wu said.

As it turns out, Wagner is actually pretty popular on Instagram (@versace_tamagotchi). This adventure has now put expectations high for the next time people lose their phones.