Recap: September 14-September 21


September 14-September 21

Daniela Quijano, Managing Editor

International Affairs

“European Union officials are holding emergency meetings in Brussels today on the influx of refugees, following Germany’s unprecedented decision to institute temporary controls on its border with Austria Sunday. Germany shut down trains between Germany and Austria and instituted a spot check on cars after as many as 20,000 people fleeing violence in their home countries arrived in Munich over the weekend. “.

“At least 107 people have died in Saudi Arabia after a crane collapsed onto one of the holiest shrines in Mecca. Two hundred people people were wounded. Authorities say the crane was knocked over by strong winds and heavy rain.”.

“In Egypt, at least a dozen people visiting from Mexico have died after Egyptian security forces mistakenly fired on a group of tourists and guides.”.

“Taliban militants reportedly stormed a mud hut being used as a prison, freeing more than 400 prisoners and killing four members of the security forces. Officials said 80 prisoners were recaptured, but most remain at large.”.

Domestic Affairs

“Hundreds of people also gathered in New York City to demand that the United States commit to accepting significantly more refugees from Syria and elsewhere. “.

An undocumented mother now faces deportation after she visited a gynecologist for a routine exam and was arrested in the examination room for allegedly using a false form of identification.

“California lawmakers also approved a bill Friday to allow doctors to prescribe drugs to help terminally ill patients die. “.

” at least 16 people have died after flash flooding tore through communities along the Utah-Arizona border.”.