Gables Earth Commemorates Arbor Day

Daniela Quijano, Editor

Arbor Day, April 24, is the day where environmentally conscious individuals celebrate the importance of the environment by raising awareness through planting and caring for plants. Gables Earth took the opportunity to join forces with the Coral Gables Garden Club to commemorate the day at the intersection of University Drive and Segovia Street.

“It is great to see students being so passionate about Gables Earth. Events like this definitely have a positive impact on the community,” Gables Earth Sponsor Kelli Fraga said.

After beginning the ceremony with the National Anthem, Coral Gables Mayor James Cason proclaimed Arbor Day to occur every year on April 24. Later, Gables Earth President Nicolas Viglucci discussed the importance of conservation and the need to become environmentally conscious individuals. During the ceremony, Viglucci made sure to involve the toddlers attending from St. Philips Episcopal Church and The Learning Place by teaching them about the trees that were being planted and the importance of caring for the environment.

“I think Arbor Day is extremely important because its important to raise awareness throughout the community for the environment. It’s also important because it had programs for children: they are the future leaders of our country so it is important to instill in them from a young age the importance of protecting the environment,” Viglucci said.

Gables Earth has a noticeably positive impact on the community, and will continue to do so in the future. If you have a passion for the environment, don’t hesitate to join Gables Earth!