Members of IBHS Inducted

On Wednesday, Apr. 29, the International Baccalaureate Honor Society (IBHS) held its annual induction, which officially welcomes the new club members. To be inducted into this club, a member must fulfill a minimum of 12 volunteer hours/points received through various IBHS events like Bridge 4 Peace, Adopt-a-Freshman, Mentoring Minds, etc. The event started at 6:30 p.m. in the school’s auditorium, where parents and students excitedly waited to be officially inducted into the prestigious club.

“I hope to uphold the reputation of the club in my year as president, organizing events thoroughly and keeping ahead of deadlines,” 2015-2016 IBHS President and junior Maya Iskandarani said.

The ceremony began with this year’s President, Marianna Babboni and Bridge 4 Peace Secretary Alexa Alcalay congratulating the inductees for their hard work and contributions to the club. A few words were said by club sponsor Ms. Van Wyk, and then students made their way onto the stage to receive a ceremonial white rose.

senior and 2014-1025 IBHS President, Mariana Babboni said.

Once all of the students returned back to their seats, the new board members for the 2015-2016 school year were announced. Each new board member was given a meaningful item from the previous owner of that position as a symbol of passing on the “legacy.” For the coming year, the President of IBHS will be junior Maya Iskandarani; Vice Presidents- junior Isabella Izquierdo and sophomore Albany Muria; Bridge 4 Peace Secretaries- sophomore Guneet Moihdeen, freshman Catherine Healy and sophomore Bhargavi Pochi; Treasurer- sophomore Julian Elortegui; Zen Garden Secretaries- sophomore Sydney Scanlon and junior Ivan Grela; Adopt-a-Freshman Secretaries- junior Guadalupe Ramirez and freshman Yanik Ariste. Next year, the new sponsor for IBHS will be AP Psychology and AP World History teacher Mrs. Noval.

With many new board members and a new sponsor, exciting things await for International Baccalaureate Honor Society. Make sure to sign up for this honorable club, and participate in its several year-round events!