Academy of Finance Raises Funds at McDonald’s on Bird

Daniela Quijano, Editor

The National Academy of Finance (NAF) teamed up with McDonald’s to raise money this past Wednesday, April 29. After a successful night of fundraising, the academy will use the money they gained to support their specialized program, including the award-winning club, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

“I was unable to go, but from what the teachers told me, it was great to see so many students come out and support the NAF academy in this fundraiser,” senior FBLA President Marcos Balsera said.

Partnering with the McDonald’s on 67th Avenue meant that 20 percent of the sales made from 6-9pm were to be given to the Academy of Finance. The fundraiser was inspired by Sunset Senior High School and it was organized by Ms. Carranza, the Academy of Finance lead teacher. The money raised is to be used by NAF on field trips and other activities. Also, a portion of the funds will be given to the FBLA club since it works directly with NAF.

“Ms. Carranza is really taking the Academy of Finance to another level and we love her for that,” junior Kaitlyn Smith said.

Although the amount raised has yet to be announced, the fundraiser was a success and NAF will surely have more of these events in the future.