Gables Recognized as Magnet School of Excellence



Sabrina Ochoa, Editor-in-Chief

Gables prides itself on having several academies that allow students to excel in particular fields; the Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) and Communication Arts, Film & Digital Media (CAF&DM) academies are some examples. Among these, the International Baccalaureate (IB) academy is a program known for its rigorous academics and selective entrance process. On March 2, Gables’ IB academy was awarded the title of “Magnet School of Excellence”, a prestigious honor for schools across the nation.

The Magnet School of Excellence award is given to schools across the United States that show exemplary education methods, diversity efforts and high academic standards. The last time Gables was given an award from the Magnets Schools of America as a School of Distinction was in 2006. For the first time in nine years, Gables was given an award from the association, even more prestigious than previous years. Additionally, applying for this award was a team effort.

“The IB program is very much appreciative of everyone who helped in making sure that what we submitted was worthy of representing the excellence of our students and staff. This includes the administration, Mrs. Hofmann for reading the drafts, GablesLive! for filming the video, the PTSA and their letters of support (Mrs. Bauwens and Mrs. Stack), and of course, my very supportive IB students who were pulled in to the office to give their opinion of the PowerPoint slide or be filmed for the video,” IB Coordinator Mrs. Van Wyk said.

While Gables was just one of the many schools honored with the title, it was the only school recognized that is a full-service high school. This means that Gables is not just made up of its IB program, but has the ability to cater to students of nearly every variety.

“I’m very proud to be apart of such a highly revered institution [IB at Gables] surrounded by only the cream of the crop,” IB senior Elliot Kutmus said.

With this honor under its belt, Gables can proudly say that its excellence has been recognized. The honor is not something the Gables team should aim to receive just once, but countless times. As the excellence continues, Gables’ probability to be awarded will only increase.