Lawyers visit Gables

Lane Morris, Staff Writer

On Feb. 4, two lawyers, Naomi Alzate and Veronica Gordon visited Mr. Garcia’s law classes. Alzate and Gordon are associates at the Bilzin Sumberg law firm, visiting through a program called “Street Law” which has local lawyers visit high schools and give the students an introduction and a glimpse into the life of a lawyer. Alzate and Gordon taught the students by giving examples of trials and provided insight into civil and criminal law, also discussing the trial process. Alzate was excited to teach the students because she wanted to give them a glimpse into the world that  they would not have seen otherwise.

“In high school I knew I was interested in law but I didn’t really know what it looked like or what happened in a trial,” Alzate said.

She also spoke about her experience of coming to teach the class about her profession.  The lawyers mentioned that they too, were once in the students’ shoes, trying to figure out what they were interested in and what they liked.

“It was a really cool experience where we got to learn from lawyers. I gained new insight on what being a lawyer entails,” sophomore Rey Prieto said.

Overall, the law students at Gables were given a great opportunity into the insight about the life of  lawyer.